Protected: 2 vixens took a ride on marcus and his chocolate stick

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Marcus Wants Us To Go Down Into His Sweats

some wolves have a subtle sex appeal.
they don’t have to do too much.
well that’s until they open their mouthes and ruin everything.
marcus strikes me as that wolf.
he simply takes good pictures and never talks.
i haven’t seen him in quite a while tho.
just after i thought about him the other day,
he popped up on foto119
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When The Flesh Looks Like Hot Chocolate (Marcus)

i love when foto 119 posts their shots of marcus.
i love everything about him.
he is perfection and turns me on instantly.
so when these current fotos were posted…
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Marcus Had Me At “Chest” and A Chocolate “Facial”

i haven’t done foto 119 in a while.
i’m glad i went over to check them out today.
i was greeted by marcus,
who is pictured above.
a dark chocolate wolf,
with intense eyes,
beautiful lips,
and a defined chest to lick…
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Marcus x Facial and Bawdy

nothing better than a good facial and an even better bawdy.
as always,
foto 119 captures all that chocolate…
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Marcus (Hard ‘n’ Wet)

if he doesn’t have the sexiest face
so i’m still on marcus.
foto 119 realizes that as well.
of course they post another shot i’d like…
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