the art of being (un) liked

i am not liked.
that sentence was hard for me to accept tbh.
some people have made it pretty clear that they don’t accept me.
for years,
i tried to be a perfectionist when it came to people.
i was trained that way by a family who cared what people thought.
i’ve always tried to find love and acceptance within the crowd.
i wasn’t like everyone else even though i tried to be.
once i got hurt a few times,
i was battling between people-pleasing and not gaf.
i became assertive and not with the bullshit.
from jobs to people from my past,
i became unliked yet unforgettable.

I have the magical power of keeping some people pressed.

i realized something after a conversation yesterday…

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The New Pussy Ain’t Fresh No More?

my favorite.
t.i. is learning that pussy is just not what it’s cracked up to be.
chasing it.
t.i. liked and made a comment on someone’s ig post.
this is what he co-signed heavy…
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Jennifer Lopez Starting Off The New Year Being Petty and a Dragging

i see team “but you know me” is starting ’17 being petty.
so we all had an opinion about mariah’s nose dive performance last night.
well another diva,
jennifer lopez,
took her passive aggression to instagram.
since instagram introduced “likes”,
it has really exposed the inner petty in many.
this is what jennifer lopez allegedly liked that someone caught…
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When The Alleged DL Wolf Likes Your Picture On IG

screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-8-54-02-pmsometimes it just happens,
ya know?
you get trapped in the black hole of liking pictures of ig.
you end up coming across one that you liked on the low,
but didn’t realize everyone could see what you did.
well that allegedly happened to justin combs.
he may have liked the picture of…
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the game premiered for their sixth season tonight.
i know you guys were excited about that.
derwin said bye.
ciara is on it.
lauren london isn’t a “new new“.
my latest prey:


… made his debut.
i got the first episode below for the foxhole…

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