Sam Smith Gets His “National Non-Negro Wake Up Call”

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“everybody wants to be a pineapple,
but nobody wants to be a pineapple.” – paul mooney, the chappelle show

if you visited the ( x fox-tionary ),
you know a “pineapple” means the “n” word round dese parts.
can i say this without being rude?
okay i’m going to try my hardest.

i love when the snow animals experience the “black” struggle

its all cute when they twerking flapjacks and rapping off beat…
snow animals tend to live in a bubble.
it might be ignorance or simply just being naive,
but when they get a dose of what it’s like to be “us”,
i’m always amused at their response.
 sam smith saw his black friend have a racist encounter.
he vented with a series of tweets + an instagram message
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