mychal kendricks gets dropped on his big butt

you gotta watch your so called “friends” out here.
they’ll can have you lose everything that you worked hard for.
so i fonted about nfl baller wolf,
mychal kendricks,
getting caught up in insider trading.
(i don’t really understand what “insider trading” is?
can the lawyer foxhole explain…)
it looks like his new team wasn’t with the shits.
this is what a foxholer sent me from “espn”
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mychal kendricks gets that big butt in trouble

what is on the horizon for nfl baller wolf,
mychal kendricks?

i like to sniff around his parts to when i get a chance.

 i saw that he was traded to the cleveland browns,
which probably meant a whole new start.
well i didn’t see the following for my big booty nfl baller bae.
mychal has been charged with alleged insider trading.
this is what “the inquirer/philly news” had to font…
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