you are fluent in maga because you get to be a big ol mean girlie?

about a year ago,
i had someone i was close to me say:

Trump tried to tell ya’ll…”

and be “tried to tell us“,
it had something to do with wearing masks and the rona.
another friend told me they miss how entertaining trump was on twitter.
i had another friend proudly say the rona wasn’t real and no one died.
something to do with it being a hoax.
what they all told me without telling me:

He put a freshly charged battery on people’s backs.

he showed the forests it was okay to say what you wanted,
be as vile as you wanted,
and to leap if someone wanted it.
look at how he spoke to various reporters:


so by following him and his ways,
many of these froggies lept to their dooms but the fact still remains:

He awakened the jackals in many people.

some of my friends are included in this jackal uprising too.
danny collins used to be fluent in maga.
he explains what it was about trump that he loved on his tiktok

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