if i get caught, you gonna let one little f*ck mess this all up, baby?

“He might be doing you
But he’s thinking about me
So baby, think about another lover
And go find another brother…”

“I know that you’re somebody else’s guy
But these feelings that I have for you I can’t deny
She doesn’t treat you the way you want her to
So come on, stop running
I wanna get with you…”

“Do you ever wonder when he
Don’t come home, who he goes to see?
And why in the middle of the night
He leaves you alone…”

“I like being in the same room as you and your girlfriend.
The fact that she don’t know,
That really turns me on.
She’ll never guess in a million years,
That we’ve got this thing going on…”

i mean the total’s second album was on some hoe shit.


as a millennial,
a majority of 90s r&b was being a proud side hoe.
it was very blatant as you can see from the lyrics above.
r&b males were proudly singing about snatching someone’s vixen too.
i won’t even get into “male/vixen stealing” in hip hop.
i got into the r&b group,
real heavy during the panny.
“sept 5th” probably has scratches on the streaming file tbh.
i expect them to come with the heat but their new song,
if i get caught“…

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