Dominicans Are Racist (?)

4ed05e3f4c7c71126201143423now as you know,
i love latinos/tinas in general.
now do they really love the fox tho?
seeing as how i’m black.

thats the question.
my latest fascination has been dominicans.
could you tell from my recent posts from ( x borrell jr ) and ( x maravilla )?
hell before i found out “latin heat” was a gigantic homophobe:

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 12.20.36 PM…his sexy ass is also dominincan.
remember i talked about the security wolf who left my job last year?
he was dominican too.
latinos can be sexy to me,
but the dominicans have been standing out more in “smash status”.
well i’ve have been hearing they are low-key,
or high key depending,

super duper racists.
there is a situation going on in the dr that is bringing attention this topic.
so the story is that haitans are being deported from dr.
many of them moved over to the dr,
especially after that earthquake in 2010.
others have lived there as refugees all their lives so all they know is the dr.
well according to various reports,
the dr is trying to kick anyone out of the country who don’t have citizenship.
that has caused many to start talking about how “racist” the country is.
even the ones who live in the us tend to have their racist tendencies.
an f-bi sent me this video and warned me to stay away from dominicans.
the video is from youtuber,
and well…
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