You Can Lead A Girl To A Pussy, But He Will Alway Have A Penis.

“hey girl what you doing today?”
“nothing biiiiiiitch, i’m bout to go to the gym.”
“yyaasssss you muscular ass queen bitch fuck it up!!!”


i was never one to greet men,
no matter how feminine,
in this lifestyle as “girl“.
i don’t even address real life females like that.
i never greeted straight wolves like “son” or “dawg” either.
i was never into calling people pet names like that.
nick names is different.
i’ll use it to try to remember you by something that stands out.
it’s my personal way of letting you know that i like you.
in this lifestyle,
i notice almost everyone is a “girl” or a “bitch”.
on rare occasions,
they are “fags”.
is that the greeting or a friend or an enemy?
i’m usually lost.
weirdly enough,
i usually associate those names with the negatives.
the extra.
the redundant.
i often wondered if i was wrong for never embracing that?
never calling a grown ass man my “girl”?
i had to askā€¦

Is “HEY GIRL” the new “WASSUP SON”?

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