Yeah So I Shouldn’t Have Watched Glee

The-Quarterbackwell i was a hot fuckin mess.
glee paid it’s final respects to finn hudson,
played by cory monteith,
who died of a drug overdose last summer.
the episode was a ball of emotions as all they paid tribute to his character.
i watched the show from the beginning so it was sad to see his end.
they all seem genuinely upset as they tried to act through the pain.
it was mercedes,
and  rachael’s singing scenes that took the cake for me.
then add the ending and finn’s mama for good measure.
my reaction?
I BAWLED!!!!!!!
i couldn’t not not think about star fox watching that.
i had no fucks to give as i weeped too.

x watch episode here

now if you’ll excuse me…
i’m about to go and have a serious rampage session in grand theft auto 5.