The Tip Of The Shot Gun Is Always The Dangerous Part

I always liked smaller guns.

I like a gun that can fit nicely in one hand.
They are easier to control and the recoil is usually not that serious.
But, the damage….
Oh the damage can be pretty deadly depending on how you shoot it.
You ever held a gun and felt the vibration after it fires?
Best feeling in the world.

Those big guns take up too much room though.
You got to find places to conceal them so that they aren’t seen.
But as much as you try, they are always spotted.
This is why a nice .38 Revolver always did me right.

But I won’t front…
Sometimes it feels good to hold a assault rifle in your hand.
I am a small Fox so I make sure I get a good grip on it with two hands.
I remember the time I had to test a .357 Magnum one summer’s day.
Even though that isn’t that big,
I could not aim that muthafucka for the life of me.
Ended up shooting all over the place.
Vowed to never touch another one again…

But damn…
I like the look of a big gun…

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