I Only Like It When You Coddle These Butt Cheeks

we gotta stop coddling our favorite celebs.
we gotta stop coddling those we are attracted to.
we gotta coddling our friends and fam that go awry.

we gotta stop coddling.

there is this epidemic where if someone we like fucks up,
we will rush to their defense and throw verbal hands.
even if they were in the room,
with the knife,
and took a selfie over the dead bawdy.
certain stan bases…
i’m looking at you.
we never get anywhere in life surrounded by “yes” enablers.
it only makes us feel superhuman,
which can be dangerous.
i suspect this is why so many are out here looking a mess.
where are their friends?
a foxholer?
now don’t get me wrong
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