i hope aaron dean isn’t about to be the new “amber guyger”

white folks have been killing us for decades and haven’t let up.
it’s like,
i’m getting tired of reading and fonting these stories.
over the weekend,
atatiana jefferson was killed in her home down in forth worth, texas.
she wasn’t out in these streets foxhole.
she was in her house and one of the hunter hyenas shot her through a window.

I don’t know what in the entire fuck is going on anymore

the hunter hyena who killed this beautiful young vixen ended up resigning

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Charged Up.

battery-charge-iconi spent pretty much my entire weekend in bed.
don’t think i was crying or some shit.
from my last entry,
my job had me tite.
i also had this bad headache for one.
two: i just needed some “me” time.
i wanted to sleep.
well i decided i needed to get my shit together.
so i remembered i watched something that had me hype.
i found it on youtube and watched it when i woke up.
it pretty much put a new battery in my back
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