Can We Talk About Nate From #HTGAWM

tumblr_njhadvDAUv1rts3y5o1_500nate from #htgawm is…
“look at god”.
his real name is billy brown.
instagram and twitter still not found.
he is a seasoned wolf,
but his chocolate body drives me absolutely insane.
am i the only one?
just look at these past scenes
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How To Get Away With A Back Like That!

tumblr_nfdf54gJAb1ts9leuo4_250^loved how she grabbed a chunk of butt cheek…
can we talk about nate’s back in “how to get away with murder”?

is it me or does he resemble johnny crome?
nate is the perfect “emergency pipe in a glass”
visually stimulating.
i’m sure can knock the dust off your…
i need a “nate” pickin’ me up and throwin’ me against a wall ASAPY.
i deserve a sexy wolf with all the hell i go through on the daily.
but back to nate’s back tho…
so annalise went to go get some pipe after seeing her dead husband?
i don’t even blame her.
she became my spirit animal after he put him to sleep and dipped.
but that end tho>>>>>>>
i was on the floor!
we’ll reconvene after winter break jan 29th!

lowkey: scandal also left me going “whoa!”…

watch the #tgit winter finale: scandal | how to get away with murder