Iggy Azalea Got That Good “Becky” (According To Her)

beautiful-beauty-fashion-girl-Favim.com-2302012i’m glad i never got into her hype.
so i had a feeling iggy azalea would get caught up.
she isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier to begin with.
 black twitter never forgets as well.
so iggy azalea says don’t call her “becky” but
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Who You Callin’ A Becky? ( U N I T Y )

tumblr_nfjvc7HJPN1sy1evpo1_500this “lemonade” is stirring up a lot of drama.
everyone has something to say.
side chicks and now white chicks.
that line in the song,

“becky with the good hair”

…is causing a lot of commotion.
 iggy azalea ain’t with it.
well someone decided to call her “becky” on twitter.
“becky” is term used for snow bunnies.
this is what she had to say
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