YOUR 64th THOUGHT: (64)

kmichelleflowers-1370285546well it happened tonight…
what we where waiting for went down.
i wanted to see how mimi would have reacted.some flowers to the head requires a prompt ass whuppin’.
did mimi do it?…

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.36.01 PMx other link

my quick thoughts:

  • i’m so mad at mimi tho.
  • k michelle is a bold chick.
  • drew is an idiot.
  • momma dee is insane and i love it.
  • stevie j has a nice little body.
  • joseline don’t play.
  • che mack needs to get a job as a tattoo artist.

i think that covered it.

tumblr_inline_mm5agmO0I61rya7fqWHAT ARE YOUR FIRST THOUGHTS?

15 thoughts on “YOUR 64th THOUGHT: (64)

  1. K Michelle is a funny chick. She keeps me laughing, but she has at least 5 screws loose in that head of hers. lol. I would clown around and call her an associate, but a “friend” umm that may take some time. She throws shit like a little child. That’s really uncalled for.

    As far as Ariane…she seems like she’s low-key messy. I noticed that at Mimi’s house warming party, she wanted K and Rasheeda to talk to each other knowing that they don’t like each other. What did she really expect?

    Mama Dee is looney as a motha and I LOVE her! lmao!

    I agree with the Man as in Kirk really is being an asshole to Rasheeda.

    Karlee Red music is wack, and Rasheeda was right when she said that she acts like a huge popstar, but her shit really is all that great.

    Good job for Stevie J, trying to change, but you really did create that monster Joseline. I really like her “no fucks given” attitude.

      1. That reminds me of something. Remember when Ariane and Mimi were talking at the beginning, and Mimi saying she wasn’t fucking K, and Ariane said I her told her that, and then Mimi said that’s never going to happen. Was K. Michelle wanting to to fuck Mimi or something? That’s what I got lol.

  2. My first thoughts; I expected the fight between Mimi and K. Michelle to escalate further. K hit her, then left, and Mimi just stood there. K Michelle is just funny as hell.

    Kirk is such as asshole to Rasheeda man. He must been on his period, a long one at that. I thought that shit lasted no longer than a week. People need to talk about him.

    DJ Drew was stupid for giving whoever he did that 50,000 with no signed contract. He’s not a good business man. He didn’t get conned, he conned himself for not getting the contact signed. Talking about a verbal agreement knowing that shit can’t hold up in court. The dude who Tracci interviewed and brought to Drew was vibin like shit.

    Why is Karlie still on the show? She doesn’t even have a story line. We barely see her.

  3. DJ Drew and Traci are simpletons.
    You dont lose $50, 000.

    He know he judges niggas too, cause if he didnt there was no need to bring it up. Having attractive sales associates is a plus.

    Would you go to a cock eyed optometrist?

    K Michelle stay bopping a bitch. She is a narcissist with borderline mixed in.

    Why didn’t Mimi have a reaction? Ariane is beautiful, but confusing.

    Never can understand what the hell Scrappy is saying.

    Momma Dee wanted some B. Good bad. That scene was like porno intro.

    Stevie J is trying at least. Che Mac is loud. Joseline is hilarious.

    Kirk aint shit. When Benzino starts making sense you know aint bout shit.
    He acting like his wife is a jumpoff and not his wife. Disturbing.

  4. Mimi’s trying too hard to stay relevant on the show. Her reaction felt so contrived and scripted. Producers likely told her, her character was boring and to liven it up, but I’m not interested.

    I like Ariane. Her voice is sex.

    K.Michelle is in the right. She was having a private conversation with her girls and he was eavesdropping. She didn’t make it an issue at the video shoot; they did.

    Joseline is a prime example of what happens when you make a ho into a housewife. She dislikes Baby Bop for doing what she did to Mimi. Karma.

    Stevie J. is gross.

    Scrappy is fine. Uneducated and could stand to hit a treadmill every now and again, but still fine.

    Rasheeda is pretty and pretty boring. Appreciated her for the first time last night: when she told that old bitch Karly that her shit was wack—to her face. That’s real.

    Everybody else is pretty irrelevant.

  5. First thoughts:
    Shay just needs to branch off and do something else with her life because VH1 keeps playing her with these rappers.
    Joseline is just everything
    Mimi had no reason to be mad at K. Michelle
    Stevie J is becoming more and more attractive to me. help.
    I don’t blame Momma Dee for trynna holla at the dog trainer

  6. Oh, I forgot…
    K Michelle had me dying laughing when she told MiMi, “nooooo, you were over there getting your fur fluffed!”

    Where does she come up with this shit????

  7. WTH…I have no comment on that ratchet ass video/song. That shit is so whack and not good and not funny…NEXT

    I love Arian and think she’s very pretty, but she is a shit starter. She must like to fight or watch other hoes fight because she’s always stirring up some shit. I guess she’s trying to stay relevant this season, but she needs to go. She adds no value to the show. She instigated that whole situation in MiMi’s new apartment with K. Michelle and Rasheeda. She was making it seem like Niko and Johnny was going in on K. Michelle at THEIR photo shoot. They were very cool about the whole situation to me. And then she instigated this bullshit tonight. Arian, you need to have several seats my dear. And calling out your bff for having “liquid courage”? That was low. Don’t trust hoes like Arian. They may be cool to party with, but don’t call them hoes “friend”.

    1. RATCHET. That was just … It was catchy though lmao. and that was a really great Joseline look a like o.o

      1. ^^LOL.
        Those are some horrible ass shots/implants
        Doesn’t even move smh

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