YOUR 63rd THOUGHT: (63)

tumblr_mmejsmw9Rc1rwlmvzo1_500it was on like popcorn tonight.
it was fights everywhere.
k michelle vs rasheeda
erica vs scrappy and momma dee
stevie j vs jose….

tumblr_mlpx1spvCz1s5zb4mo1_500x watch episode here

i love these ratchet people.

why did karlie redd sound like nicki minaj in the booth?
why does k michelle not look like a fighter?
who really paid to see joseline perform?
why was erica so amp?
why is momma dee crazy?
why were the confessionals so extra?
why foes the new chick look like a treasure troll?

il_fullxfull.292136359why do i think stevie j is lowkey sexy?
i had so many questions, but…


Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “YOUR 63rd THOUGHT: (63)”

  1. My first thought; “Ratchet, Ratchet and even more Ratchet.

    Lot of fighting going on for sure. Erica went all the way off tho. She is tired of Mama Dee lol. Rasheeda wasn’t playing with K. Michelle, that shit got ugly.

    Kirk’s black ass is sexy af tho. Four Earrings and all. If the rumors are true, I know they were tearing him up back in the day.

  2. STEVIE J is low key sexy, he is another one who is cute but don’t flaunt it to the public
    K.Michelle looked push throwing objects then running from Rasheeda
    Rasheeda had me dying when she was talkin about the zoo, I thought she really saw her there
    Erica was just acting that way cus her mom was there to back her up
    Kirk isn’t attractive to me, but he looks like he deaf gets down. Wouldn’t be surprised if Rasheeda did too
    Rasheeda is my bitch tho
    And fuck k Michelle clown ass

  3. My first thought was “Nobody said that you were gay though” when Kirk said that “just because I have 3 earrings doesn’t make me gay.” Boy stop.

    and the way Scrappy got up and kept trying to walk toward Erica had me like o_o why tf are you jumpin up like that? I hope he didn’t think he was going to put his hands on her. I don’t like how Scrappy was trying to defend his momma either when all Mama Dee does is disrespect Erica. Mignon doesn’t talk about Scrappy the same way mama Dee talks about Erica. Out of line and out of pocket.

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