YOUR 61st THOUGHT: (61)

Question_markyou know i had to ask what ya’ll thought about this.
i don’t even want to give no hints.
i just want ya’ll to see below…

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 8.38.02 PM

tumblr_m5n3muDJAb1qfi7g6_largeWHAT IS YOUR FIRST THOUGHT?

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17 thoughts on “YOUR 61st THOUGHT: (61)”

  1. My first thought; “OMFG. It is going down in the A”

    It’s going to be a lot to talk about this spring and summer.

  2. I’m already OVER IT!
    Bucky and those sideburns…
    All the ratchet fighting…
    Rasheeda and her lame ass getting prego
    Keyshia Cole….I mean K Michelle and her anger
    Joseline and her/his/her man-face
    The new girl and her ugly ass
    OVER IT (dot) COM

  3. i know that k michelle and mimi had an altercation.
    that scene where she hits her with the flowers,
    that is backstage at bb kings,
    a popular spot they either turn into a club or have live performances in time square.
    i heard it went DOWN with those two.
    i knew about that even before i saw this trailer.

    1. Maybe Gucci Mane was right about what he said about Kirk because..

      and I cannot wait to see K. Michelle go at everybody. I thought she through whatever she was drinking at Rasheeda, but lawd that was CANDLE WAX. and I’m excited for whatever Joseline is getting into. The show wouldn’t be half as entertaining without her.

      1. ^he made a diss track about him and Rasheeda and said that Kirk is on the DL and used to get passed around in the gay community.

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