You Can “F*ck The Shit Out The Wolf” Too

0776one of my straight wolf friends was talmbout this vixen he finally banged.
he said he was going to put it on her,
but i guess the tables turned because he said:

“yo she fucked the shit out of me son”

…um strap on?
i was confused at how a vixen could fuck the shit out a wolf.
he explained and i got it soon after.
as a fox who is always the submissive one in the pairing,
and one who will bust an nuclear nut over a muscular body,
if this wolf was in my situation i would definitely fuck the shit out him…

wolfbodyomgfuck the shit out the wolf (v): to smash that wolf so good he can’t take it
he makes you so horny that you give him the best ass/head every time.
every single time you fuck him,
you put his pipe to work and he can’t get enough

Santana_nail_file-1lowkey: my f-bi was right.
that picture raised my blood pressure today.
his body turned me the fuck ON.
i’m so fuckin’ horny right now it should be illegal.
all i’m seeing in my head…
my hands grippin’ those tight butt cheeks with my face in his crotch.
afterwards i tell him to stop so he can bang my back OUT!
i think i have a problem.

ratchet jamari

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “You Can “F*ck The Shit Out The Wolf” Too”

  1. You aren’t the only one horny as hell. Every morning I wake up I’m horny as fuck and just think to myself “Man, I need some dick, bad.” Is that from a video? Is it available at thefoXXX?

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