Who Was The “Catfish” In This Episode?

tumblr_n5oc48o4Au1sssit3o1_500i guess this trumped only talking to wolves with no default pictures.
i just turned on the latest catfish and you know i already can’t.

so i missed catfish this week.
i feel asleep or something.
either way an f-bi sent me an email asking me if i watched.
“what in the hell????”
my first thought as it starts.
so people still meeting wolves on the partyline still?
and if frick and frack are what dwells on the PL…


Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Who Was The “Catfish” In This Episode?

  1. DAAAAMMMNNN. I have seen it all. WTF son? They came out there for nothing, and it was all a prank. Ain’t that some shit?

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