“well we think…”

“well we think…”

anyone who works at a job,
especially in corporate,
knows that phrase pretty well.
it’s a phrase you will hear when your boss is about to screw you over.
sometimes it leads to great things,
but most of the time,
it’s the password to workload hell.
this is how it works…

you’ll get to a job and actually like it.
your position is exciting,
your team is phenomenal,
and you have absolutely no complaints.
if you’re like me…
you simply want to go to work,
do you job,
and take your ass home.
well in a few months of being at that job,
your boss(es) and ask to see you in their office.
you think you’re doing wrong,
but actually they’re about to do you wrong.

“we see you are doing such a good job.
well we think you’d be perfect on taking on…”

…and then it starts.

you take someone(s)/whole department’s entire work load
change your role to something you didn’t sign up for
they move you to a completely new team that’s the pits

if you tell them you aren’t interested,
they subtly threaten you with:

“well if you don’t take it…”

which leads to:

“bye bye!”.

i’ve seen it time and time again.
many of my friends with great jobs have these experiences.
it has happened to me on more than a few occasions.
they never ask you:

“is this something you’d be interested in?”
“how would you feel…”
“it’s totally up to you!”

oh no!
that’s too human and filled with common sense.

they already made the decision for you.
they just hold you at verbal gun point to make a decision.
work becomes hell and “indeed” is hidden between your browser window.
one of the reasons why so many jobs have high turn over rates.
i’m all for positive change and growth within the workplace,
but if it ain’t broke ima need bosses not to try and fix it.

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on ““well we think…””

  1. Happened to me. Had a great boss. He got transferred. Got a new boss, but he was cool too. Then one day randomly, he tells me I’ll be working at an entirely new location for the day and to hope they let me come back to my area. I had been sent to help other departments if we finished early, so I thought nothing of it. Once I get to the new location the boss there informs me and the others that he needed employees so he demanded HR send him some from elsewhere in the company. He spoke like a slave master. That he owned us and that our days off were unacceptable and he hadn’t gotten such good days off until that year after being there 100 years. He made most of my coworkers quit, being unreasonable.

    I toughed it out. I can deal with jerks. So remember he demanded HR shuffle employees over to him? A few months in, there wasn’t enough work to warrant “so many employees” and I and my coworkers all got laid off.

    It was the shortest end of the stick. But despite it seeming devastating, I now have a grant that’s paying for almost everything at my current job. It is bleak at the moment, but it can be a blessing moving you out of a trash situation.

    1. ^this is the story of so many.
      the pretty vixen is going through something similar at her job currently.
      she hates it.

      i’m sorry you had to deal with that.
      it’s bleak for me as well,
      but i’m trying to stay present thinking.

  2. Folks will befine. I’ve been through a lot worse. Trying going through a flood, losing your house and the job not to long afterwards….but guess who’s still here, working with a new roof over their head.

    Some of my coworkers were at work talking in one of our chats about something like this and the complaining started soon and I was like as long as you have a roof over your head, food on yo table, you’ll be fine.

    I’m a powerful motivator baby. I be ready to shake things up!

    I kind of live that life, whatever happens, happens. Just let me get a chance to vacation in Italy cause I need some real Italian food.

  3. Based on my experiences this only happens to black folks in the workplace. We always have to take on our lazy white co-workers loads.

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