watch how joe budden checks a fool asking about his alleged bisexuality

two of my biggest fears growing up:

People looking at me when I walked into a room
People asking, assuming, or talking about me being gay

both things usually synergized with each other.
people have this obsession with others’ sexuality.
some are bold af too!
they’ll literally ask you if you’re gay in front of people.
don’t even pull you to the side to ask.
some do use it as a way to embarrass someone.

I hate when loudmouth gays do it.

even though joe budden has his problematic moments,
i enjoyed how he handled a jackal trying to embarrass him.
mark hoffa wanted joey to clarify his alleged bisexuality.
this is how he ended up checking mark hoffa…


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if only i knew how to do that when i was growing up!!!!

you could TELL i was so uncomfortable within myself.
i made myself such a target.
if anyone boldly asks me about my sexuality:

you are trying to fuck me?”


“Is that it?
Only people that ask if I’m gay are trying to fuck…”

it’s always the ugliest pineapples asking too.
it’s never someone i’d consider giving my foxhole to.
the cute ones are usually intimidated by me.

i loved how joeykins handled that tho.
take a page from joey.
if i could tell my younger self how to handle those questions,
i would have told him to always turn the question back to the asshole.

Ain’t no fun when the fox got the gun.

lowkey: i love when he asked,
“are you asking who i like to fuck?”
that voice of his…

Author: jamari fox

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22 thoughts on “watch how joe budden checks a fool asking about his alleged bisexuality”

  1. I mentioned Joe’s sexuality here on your site a few years ago and it went nowhere.

    I like how he handled it . I think with the right person at the right time anyone can be “Gay” or “BI”. For me it’s Joe’s attitude and how he carries himself that had me questioning his sexuality. Plus, earlier I used to think he was cute ( For a rapper) .So many of them are unattractive. It’s like a prerequisite that to rap you have to be ugly. Especially back when Joe was coming up. Today it’s a little better. Drake, Dave East, and few more . ( Ha ha ha )

      1. I like his voice too…but he’s not aging well. Neither is Jim Jones, and they both used to turn me on something serious. LOL

    1. “It’s like a prerequisite that to rap you have to be ugly. Especially back when Joe was coming up. Today it’s a little better. Drake, Dave East, and few more”

      Huh????? So 2003 50 Cent, The Game, Lloyd Banks, TI, then Cam’ron, Nelly, Chingy, Shyne, etc.. were ugly? What are you talking about? You think the modern day rappers (post 2010) are better looking?? LMAO

      So lil uzi, yachty, young thug, gunna, all these lil somethings are good looking? And you have the nerve to use Drake’s sloth ass and Dave East Neanderthal ass as examples of “good looking” rappers? Please who are the other ‘few more’ ?

  2. I didn’t like how he was talking in a more feminine voice. Sounded like he was mocking gay men imo.

    If you’re going to come out in a public way you must be prepared for the public to question publicly.

  3. I used to definitely dance and skate and straight up say no when I was asked only because I didn’t know what being gay meant. I just knew that it was something derogatory being thrown at me. Once I realize that gay was about being same sex loving and that it was shameful is when I became defensive. I love how Joe handles and keeps control of the conversation and if you read between the lines, he definitely is bisexual and it isn’t up for discussion.

    Joe had such a promising rap career with Pump It Up. I would love for him to do an unsung or uncensored where he can really tell his story about what happened. He’s a Jersey boy and he was the first rapper that I had a crush on besides LL. His dick is pretty too with a fat head😍

  4. I love you! Not just for this comment but because I some how ended up and stumbled across his full pod one day and I since being an normal viewer I see time and time again how they take sounds bits and sensationalized what he says most of the time.

    He’s a pretty funny dude and I like when he get in his “gay/Bi” bag he be doing it cause he see how uncomfortable and dudes be after the 1st time he made a joke about it.

      1. I never gave Tupac much thought till someone showed me an interview of him saying when he was young, a rich handsome white boy allowed him to stay in his room or something like that. Tupac seemed to be hinting him and the guy were fucking.

  5. “If I’m bi, what would make you think I’m looking at you?…you just assuming that you’re the type of a bi ni*ga.” – Joe Budden

    thats the message

  6. Now that’s how you check somebody! That’s how you shut they ass up cause why you want to know what I’m doing with my dick if you not interested. Joe ate his ass up! Do it matter if he is or not?! Yall gone stop fucking with him or fuck with him because he is. Bisexual still means he like pussy so at the end of the day, leave him alone. Joe flipped that whole thing on him and made everybody question his motive behind that. Changed the whole mood of the room. Everybody got quiet and then Joe flipped it, they looking at him like, why you want to know? Whether Joe said it in public or in private, why do YOU need confirmation if he is u less you trying to eat his ass or suck his dick. Even straight dudes getting they ass ate and been doing it for decades, go look up one of those old Booty Call videos and see Wesley Pipes throwing them legs back, Mr. Marcus, Marc Anthony, Mandingo, Lex Steele, Jake Steed, before the guys now did it. If you gon fuck wit Joe it don’t matter if he gay, bi or straight; he still Joe Budden. We gotta stop letting their problem be OUR problem; fuck them!

    1. Thank you. I do not understand how individuals allow other individuals problems become their problem. When everybody was saying joe was no or whatever. I just said ok and move on.

  7. Knowing he’s bisexual now makes me see why he was so comfortable around that Trans-woman during celeb rehab. I thought being a hood booger he’d raise hell.

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