uncutt gems from straight attentionistos from onlyfans

in that video above,
jeff cutts from “paint n sip” fame know where his bread is buttered.
he knows gay males…

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image cc: jeff cutts

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “uncutt gems from straight attentionistos from onlyfans”

  1. Look at Jamari promoting that he is valuable and worth spending coin awn. I will live for seeing this at the end of every post. You better self-insert, Jamari!

  2. He doesn’t appear to just seek out guys whom r gay he is gay no doubt he doesn’t have to say it its crystal clear I’ve subscribed to his fans account it’s clear he dl”

  3. I just laugh at all the “DL” dudes pretending to be “straight”. Most of the guys who get into “the adult industry” are at least bisexual or “curious”. And now that OnlyFans is a thing, they obviously cater their content to men (since that’s the largest demographic of spends on these types of apps), but make sure they keep the illusion of being “heterosexual”. Once you’ve known enough strippers & seen enough porn, it’s kind of obvious who’s really “DL”.

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