im getting so aggravated.
are you yet?…

this is getting outta control.

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11 thoughts on “UGH.”

  1. Trump is a clown but its an election year so I think Its being politicized somewhat. No doubt its serious but the majority of ppl taking the hardest hit are 80+ yr old folks or people or those with already compromised immune systems. The number of people who have recovered are hardly ever highlighted but its dwarfs many times over the number of deaths. The paranoia and fear is amped because the media wont let up at all. Its 24/7 all day every day gloom and doom mostly coverage. Wash your hands and take a break from TV and social media if its getting to you. With celebrities and major figures being affected too a vaccine will likely come sooner rather than later.

    1. ^yo im already ready to take a break.
      i’m so tired of all this damn coverage.
      i might mute the coronavirus talk for a while.
      i need a 2 day break tbh.

  2. I keep telling y’all to look at things with a 3rd eye.

    The media are absolutely busting nuts over this coronavirus hysteria along with the stock market collapsing because they think it hurts Trump. So they are perfectly willing to burn everything down even if it means costing us jobs and losing billions in the economy. So yeah, I’m also tired of this shtt. Have you also noticed not one child has died from this virus yet they wanna close the schools. It’s elderly people and people with pre existing health conditions.

    My advice: turn off CNN and all of those duplicitous people on the socials. I’m binge watching on Netflix and Westworld season 3 premieres tonight on HBO… I’m good 😗

  3. It’s a big deal but that’s only because of how irrational we are. If it’s not contained it will lead to over crowded hospitals and people dying in the streets but that’s because we don’t have enough excess medical capacity.

    My biggest fear is a recession due to people freaking out. Let’s say they really start testing and find out we have over half a million cases. People will freak the fuck out even though that’s less than 0.2% of the US population. I don’t see the news pushing this. This is just people panicking and the news responding.

    1. I agree. People are panicking, and for what? Like what is the craziness over TOILET PAPER?!
      I can understand sanitizer and cleansers, but T.P.?!! Just goes to show you that we are not prepared, nor will we ever be when shit REALLY hits the fan. People lose their damn minds.
      And this could all be avoided if people weren’t so nasty. They don’t cover their mouth when they cough/sneeze, they don’t wash their hands…so it’s only natural that viruses pass from person to person so fast. If people took cleanliness and healthiness more seriously, things wouldn’t get so bad.

  4. JamariFox, I think you said you’re in NYC, so if you can, please don’t forget that while there’s a total vacuum at the top of the federal government (except for Dr. Anthony Fauci) on this Covid19 crisis, New York State and NYC, New Jersey, and Connecticut all have good and so far effective leadership in place.

    People on here may think this isn’t serious but this virus 1) has no vaccine or effective anti-viral treatment yet; 2) still raises all kinds of epidemiological questions that have not been answered; 3) has not been handled well at all by our chaotic, sociopathic President and his administration; and 4) still is not being effective tested and track on a federal scale. We shouldn’t panic, but we all should take more precautions than just washing our hands (and faces and HAIR) and wearing masks when appropriate and so on. Social distancing isn’t just for ourselves but for the vulnerable.

    To the person who said that most of the people who have died are over 80 years old, you should check the most up-to-date figures. People in their 30s to 70s also are dying, and if you have underlying conditions (chronic and autoimmune diseases, etc.) you could be more at risk than you realize. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    Say what you will about the Democrats but Nancy Pelosi and her caucus had an $8 billion bill ready to go (when the imbecile in the White House asked for a paltry $2 billion), then prepared another bill to help regular workers and small businesses (and it’s being held up right now by the hateful GOP). She could easily take over if this buffoon and his VP did the right thing and just resigned. But he won’t, and he keeps screwing up, and as far as the markets, they keep falling, especially when he opens his hideously tiny, lying mouth. After falling 2,000 points all day, the Dow Jones alone ended up nearly 3,000 points down once the moron-in-chief held yet another pathetic press conference this afternoon. Just keep in mind that the 2007-8 crash wiped out Black wealth and nearly brought the entire global economy down, and we’re on board for an even worse one, a second Great Depression, if this misadministration continues.

    So if you want to turn off and tune out the news, it’s probably a good idea for a day or so. Chill, listen to music you love watch movies that you like, call friends, do something that brings you joy. But at least pay attention to the directives from Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio. I’m not a big fan of either but they have demonstrated leadership in this time of crisis that the lazy, racist Impeached Orangidiot could not even dream of.

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