Trey Songz Brother Gets Some Leakage (In Some Guts Too)

0VSlTLwjust sniggling and giggling like she hit the jackpot…
so an f-bi literally filled my box with some goodies just now.

so allegedly,
trey songz brother forrest tucker,
is having a baby by ^that vixen.
does he have a job?
who is paying for this child?
here is what my f-bi found sniffing around

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 10.29.31 PMher name is cristin.
she is 21.





my hand had a mind of its own there.
pregnant by the brother of a major rnb star.
i think she may have missed the mark.
no ring on her finger.
either way,
although i see this going very south.
he isn’t exactly the most respectful wolf round these parts.
oh and forrest had some more peen leakage as well
and “not for straight eyes”):








oprah5well now i see why she let that monster explode in her guts.
i’m sure she had a lot of fun conceiving that child.
i would have opted for the fun sans child by a moocher.
but hey!
what does this fox know?

lowkey: all these baby mamas and no rings.
glad i won’t have this problem.
seems to be a nationwide epidemic with these vixens.

pictures courtesy of her instagram: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “Trey Songz Brother Gets Some Leakage (In Some Guts Too)”

  1. How do you tell your kids that daddy has butt naked pics all over the web? #whatwereyouthinking 🙄

    1. I found out about the pics AFTER I was pregnant! That’s something he has to tell Aiden we’re not together anymore so…

    1. I’ve been regretting it since before I had my son… I will never regret my son my son though

      1. I’ll pass 😊 you must think I’m stupid if ima do an interview on something that’s NONE OF Y’ALL BUSINESS! Y’all just want some ratings y’all need to stop worrying about MY life and worry about YOUR life 😴

      2. You’re right it’s called DEFENDING MYSELF tho! You’re asking dumb shit like I planned it or was trying to trap him tho… Try asking Forrest why me!!! 😴✌ OR try keeping my name out of your blogs.

  2. Why does it seem that everyone can get pregnant but no ones getting married…

  3. Congrats to them. Not really interested in Forrest doe, I rather know what his brother is up to.Trey looks better and he is definitely sexier in more ways then one.

    1. I’m easy because my boyfriend of TWO YEARS got me pregnant? 21 years and he was my FIRST! Y’all so quick to judge smh you don’t know anything about me!

    1. Why I gotta be a hoe? We were together for 2 YEARS before I got pregnant and he was my first… So how am I how? 😴 Fuck you!

  4. I’m not gonna lie. I gasped when I saw that pic. His body…Skin…… the goods….. Just beautiful. His face is the only average thing about him. Gawsh.

  5. Trey is not sexier than his little brother but what does the brother do? The mother of his child is very nice though

    1. Yes Trey is! You just probably look at the muscles that he inherited from his “bodybuilding” father… He has a job tho!

  6. Smh… She probably thinks she came up… Hey the brother of a huge r&b star nutted In her… Soooo guess what… Trey is most likely gonna be around that baby.. Him and his money.. Ha! Smart girl.. Bumb baby daddy but rich uncky unk…

    1. First of all bitch, I DON’T need Trey’s money. I TAKE CARE OF MY CHILD! Trey is around my son only when he’s in VA and Aiden’s with his father. Forrest may or may not need to live off his brother’s money but I definitely DON’T. Everything I buy comes from money out of MY pocket NOT Trey’s!!!! FOH! and the fact that Forrest has a JOB! Shut the fuck up! Worry about YOU not ME!

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