this is america and guys don’t want to label their sexuality (like daniel glover?)

i feel like a lot of millennial males don’t want to label their sexualities.
i mean vixens don’t.
they can go out here and freely experiment without anyone having too much of an issue.
am i lying?
it seems donald glover aka childish gambino is feeling the same way about himself.
he had an interview with michaela coel for gq magazine and the topic of sexuality came up.
so he had said via “pink news“…

Donald Glover: ‘Am I weird for not wanting to label it?’

He explained: “Millennials [are] showing how we’re kind of stuck, in a weird way. Why do people online get stuck in that narrative? Because it’s safe.

“And you know what you’re going to get if you follow in the steps somebody else took.

“There is security to being identified. ‘I’m a straight white male’ or ‘I’m a gay Asian dancer’ – you can find community easily and safely, instead of being like, ‘Man, I really don’t know…’

Most of my college years were me being like, ‘I don’t know what I like.’ I had friends who asked, ‘Are you gay?’ And I’d be like, ‘I sort of feel like I am because I love this community.’ You know? But maybe I’m not?”

He continued: “I always was trying to figure out, ‘Am I weird for not wanting to label it?’ Yet, also, I never felt completely safe in just one place.”

Explaining the lack of safety, he continued: “One time I was really close with this guy – a white guy. I was like, ‘Oh, man, this guy’s my friend.’

And then one day we went to the mall and some black kids ragged on his shorts. He turned to me and said, ‘There are black people and then there are n****rs.’

“My brain, my heart… It was really intense, so I go home and I tell my dad.

“To his credit, he sat there for a minute and just thought about it and then he said, ‘What do you feel? That’s the most valuable thing right now.’”

i love that we are having these discussions right now.

there are so many males that are confused,
wondering if they should feel a certain way about another male.
how they were raised and their surroundings keep them in a prison,
but they can’t fight the feelings and end up pushing folks away.
good people who can see through the facade or can sense their attraction to them.
i tell folks all the time:

We have to be patient with some guys out here.

just because you are at every gay cockfight,
spinning on every dick,
and deep diving in all the tail,
that doesn’t mean someone else is there “yet“.
many gays are selfish about other males who are struggling tbh.
ready to out them before they’re ready and it’s sick.
some of these males might never “get there“,
but some of us were once there before we accepted who we were.
it’s much scarier when you don’t fit in and have no sense of community too.
i couldn’t help use his past show in that reference.

I’m glad these discussions are coming to the surface for many males out here

let’s keep it going!

lowkey: i always hope the foxhole has helped someone accept their sexuality.
whatever they are,
or choose to be,
i hope this was a safe space for them.

article cc: pink news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “this is america and guys don’t want to label their sexuality (like daniel glover?)”

  1. Truth is experimenting has always been a thing. But now I think it’s happening more than ever because gay sex is so easily accessible & the LGBT community is so ubiquitous in mainstream media. Plus gay men on average can find a hookup partner way easier & quicker than a straight man could. So I’d imagine the amount of “curious” guys deciding to experiment is through the roof these days. All you need is a hookup app & you’re sorted.

    I’m not mad at him though. Sexuality isn’t black & white but because of the labels carved into our society which are used to categorize people, many people don’t feel comfortable exploring their inner curiosities/desires because it may come into conflict with the way they view themselves. We see women “experimenting” all the time so it shouldn’t be a surprise when a perceived heterosexual man wants to also go there.

  2. ………..So I’m the only one who read that story and went: THE F*CK?

    Is it okay for Donald to say, “There are white people and there are crackers?”

    What did that even have to do with sexuality? I cannot with this abstract new-age woke mess.

    1. ^that part was strange.
      i was expecting him to say he was attracted to that white dude or something.

      him and michaeala are very complex,
      but extremely talented.
      “i may destroy you” was good ass television.

      1. What I got from it is that he didn’t know where he fit in. He’s long said he didn’t fit in with other Black people. “Relax Black chick, I think that I have offended thee. Got nothing against the sistas. I just don’t think they’re into me” (Lyrics)
        It’s in all of his music. I’ve been listening to him since 2009 when I first saw him on Community. He’s not gay. He just wants to hang around gay people because he doesn’t have to be “a thug – aka what they pretend to be. I am just myself aka my worst enemy” (Lyrics haha)

        He was hurt because his white best friend said some foul mess. I really wish Black celebrities would stop talking about sexuality. Gay people are so hungry for representation to say “See? They’re gay too. We’re not weird”, but nobody wants this Black gayness.

        You saw how quickly the “gay mafia” tried to latch onto Billy Dee? I guarantee Lil Nas X isn’t going to work with any Black gay or trans artists and give them shine. Maybe a Troye Sivan or Hayley Kiyoko. We still have to be “safe”. We can’t be Blackity Black AND gay. We have to pick a side and it sucks.

          1. I don’t want him to be bi. I’ve had the biggest crush on him since I saw Community and for me to have HAD a chance but never pursued it when he adamantly stated in his music that he WASN’T gay and now is MURRIED with a whole CHYULHD!?!?!

            He better stay straight.

          2. On a side note, congrats to him and his girlfriend, she recently gave birth to their third son.He mentioned he was watching the George Floyd video and protests in the hospital room so I’m guessing the baby was born in late May or early June.He is so private I think for all three sons we learned about their existence months after they were born when he casually mentioned them in an acceptance speech or an interview.

  3. Up until the 20th Century,there wasn’t even a name for “Gay”, Homosexual”, “Same Sex”.It was just “Sex”!

    All cultures, all religions ,All sacred Text eg;The Bible, etc never had a big issue with a man having sex with whomever he ,or she wanted to.This is why I’m always shocked that Homophobic people use the bible , Jesus, to promote their hatred!!

    Perhaps mankind is simply going full circle and returning to this “Sex is Sex” outlook( Smile)

    1. There’s gay Egyptian art. White people decided gay wasn’t okay. Funny how a few centuries of colonialiam in Asia and Africa made us ignore gay rulers and torture each other for a White god.

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