the tiktoker who isn’t what he seems might have a new boyfriend

remember ^this young wolf?
his name is siah and we fonted about him ( x here ).
he is 18,
and possibly narcissist af.

he is having sex.
this is who we choose to make stars so we can’t get too mad.
siah seemed to have debuted his new relationship on tiktok.

HE is all over him,
is he not?
he’s is looking like he is thrilled to have nabbed that bbc.

his name is jackson krecioch,
he is in music,
and has 1.1 million followers on his ( x ig ).
the bigger the follower count; the easier it is to run in the right circles.
you can nab a quick bite that looks something like this:

well if the alleged is true,
the good news is that it’s a very age appropriate relationship.
i know you’re probably judging,
but judging from siah’s ig,
he seems to run with more white folks.
he seems to have gone to an all white school so it’s all he knows.
don’t expect too much.
i know one thing:

The black gay and bi foxes of gen z would ruin his life.

they are a whole other beast.
who knows
how long this pairing will last,

but we’ll see the break up interrupted in dance on tiktok if it doesn’t work out.

lowkey: he is cute,
but he can’t buy me a drink so pass.
now if my age appropriate wolf comes with those biceps,
sans the overt narcissism,

i’ll be very happy.

check out his: ig | tiktok

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “the tiktoker who isn’t what he seems might have a new boyfriend

    1. Lmaooo, that “omg” sent me!

      These tiktoks really do have a strong whiff of second hand embarassment to em.

  1. He’s ok looking, but the whole “I am in love with my own reflection” is gross and unattractive. I am surprised with his choice in bf. Not because he is quite, but because he is so basic. I imagined him dating a white model type, or a racially ambiguous athletic type. I guess I was wrong.

      1. Well I think white guys often know their worth and aren’t quick to settle. If you are black and want to date a white guy you probably have to be a model type. I wish my re black guys had this mindset. “I am choosing, instead of I was chosen”

  2. You know.. I’m really, really ,really trying to grow and accept that some of my fellow” blacks” are attracted to white and non-black..

    If the world were different and truly treated us as equals this would not bother me.

    I feel that we must uphold and see our beauty. Its bad enough that in 2020 we are being slaughtered as if we have “No Worth”!

    To me….”Who you love is a reflection of LOVING YOURSELF!!!!.( Loving your Blackness)

    I don’t think these “black” guys and girls Love themselves ( their Blackness)

    Perhaps I only share ” Physical attributes with these “Black” by appearance only humans?

    1. I love black on black love, but that isn’t practical for every one. Sometimes your geographic region, or social circle make finding color difficult. This tik toker probably lives in a white area, so it’s practical for him to end up.with white a guy.

      1. Mansur R Cotman -El—You make a very good point my dear friend .

        Ironically, I was once one of those “Isolated Blacks” in my youth and beyond.

        Seeing that so many others wished me harm” due to my skin and cultural identify” hardened me. I was very open to multi-cultural relationships [ Race is a social concept]

        I do have to work on these personal view that I currently have. I believe that we are all one . Love is love !!!!!

        My goal is to alter this Black on Black only mantra . I know that not all Non-Black brothers and sisters wish me and other black people harm.

        Work in progress here( smile)

  3. And another Thing..

    They( Blacks who have white partners ) should NOT be able to use or say the N-Word!!!!!!

    I hate this word period, I don’t believe that ANYONE should be able to say it!!

  4. Before I viewed the rest of the entry I KNEW he was white, the tone of your entry gave it away lol. Why when attractive black men dip into the swirl, it’s always with a white counterpart who isn’t that special in the looks department.

  5. I won’t lie, I personally think that they are actually kind of a cute couple. But, unfortunately everything going on in the world right now due to racism and the antics of all these Karen’s and Bob’s have completely altered my feelings on interracial relationships so I’m low-key rooting against them I’m sorry. Also those videos are really bad. I know he’s young…but still.

  6. After living in a few Latin American countries where mixed-race relationships are way more common than in the states, I’ve developed a nonchalant attitude…after all it isn’t my business. As long as the black man or woman doesn’t say anything disparaging about other black people, I’m good.

    Quiet as it’s kept, many black gay/bi men ended up dating out because they want to be in a relationship with someone who is out, not closeted, DL, or with a unsupportive family…

  7. He’s attractive as a young man. Let’s see if that look of his holds up with lines and creases and a saggy butt.

  8. Bless his heart…he’s young and in love with himself…mirror mirror on the wall whose the finest of them all…me…lol.
    He gets a pass because of youth let him enjoy his moments in the bright lights of youth because they are very fleeting.
    Now about basic ” Chad”….hmmm no comments.

  9. He is young and cute. Let him live and enjoy life. Of course, I would rather see him bump and grind with sum hot chocolate 🍫 Environment dictates a lot and I can see why he has a “Chad” as his boo. Now if he was 25, I would be tempted to give him sum of this peanut butter 🤸🏽God knows he would lose his mind 🤭

  10. He look like his sex is awesome. But his conversation looks like trash. Both are equally important, in my opinion, if the goal is a relationship ( or even a fuck-buddyship) at this point in my life.

  11. While there are some bringing up interesting points, and giving critique, I have seen time and time again, these will be the same people looking for his nudes, subscribing to his onlyfans, and waiting for the next shirtless picture to drop so…grain of salt.

  12. I am going to wait on the day when a model looking white boy with a good body choose an average plain black dude who looks like a loaf of bread from the dollar store because honestly I have never seen that scenario, the only time I see white dudes with average Black men is older white dudes who are into the Black Bears, never any young white dudes with plain, or overweight Black men. I went back and look at the past entry on this dude and I noticed on his first video he had when Jamari first posted him he had a Black Boy Swag even his hair was different and moves were different and then I look at the pics/videos on this entry and he has that look that it seems all Black boys who date outside of their race seem to have, I cant explain why they all have this look as if they been whitewashed or something. Oh well love is love I guess, may he have many days of mayonnaise sandwiches, unseasoned chicken and raisins in his potato salad.

    1. You know it would never be the other way around. Black men are so lost they’ll accept a 2/10 when they are 12/10. It’s their business, not mine.

    2. That’s my only gripe with IR gay couples. I don’t have an issue with them because shit we like what we like. BUT You never see solid 8/10 white guys with average 4 or 5/10 black guys. It just never happens.

      Whereas we see countless occasions where the black guy is way out of the white guys league and they seem to enjoy settling being the token trophy. Idk it’s weird lol. It’s not just black guys too I sometimes see it with other POC. Very good looking brown latin person with a basic ass white BF. I can’t make this shit up.

      I guess that’s why I’m also picky with white dudes too, I refuse to settle when it comes to them because I know how they are with us. Shit I’m like that with all dudes shrug

  13. Because he’s so young, imma cut him a little slack. If I looked liked that at 18, I’d be half-naked whenever I could, in the mirror, and a whole ho – you couldn’t tell me shit lol. That said, I really hope he’s not like that in real life & is playing it up for the gram – though there are plenty of older IG models that do the same thing.

    I don’t think that’s his bf though. It looks like there’s an influencer talent agency white boy belongs to and maybe they’re adding some chocolate boys (I saw one chocolate girl and mostly mayo). Cuz mayo Mikey ain’t cute at all.

    I feel some kinda way wanting to turn this boy out – I’m sure I could get that azz easily. But he’d have to go after the nut – that young energy might be fun lol

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