The Rise of The Short NFL Baller Wolf Whose Big Bad Dick Leaked

here we go.
here we go.
here we go again.
foxes whats our weakness?

baller peen leaks!
okay den
the latest is johnny patrick of the saints.

a dumb video vixen put all his business out there.
including some texts of him flying her out.
nothing nasty at all.
the most important is the meat.
let’s see what the steel is looking like…

baller alert

he has a nice ass peen.
i’m sure his pussy count went up a few notches.
too bad the vixen is now forgettable.
all she got is instagram.
she didn’t really expose anything bad.
she was a little too quick (and stupid) in trying to get a cum up.
she did give his johnny a lot of shine.
in more ways than one


call us.

lowkey: did she at least feel the pipe re-arrange her walls?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “The Rise of The Short NFL Baller Wolf Whose Big Bad Dick Leaked

  1. Damn I love football players..that brotha is sexy as hell and that dick is impressive! When will these ballers learn to stop sexting these basic ass chicks. He needs a fox like me in his life lol

  2. Not my Saints!!! But anyway see this is what homophobes get if u just get a coo niggro like myself u can send all the pics you want and I won’t say shit

  3. Nice but when will these kids learn, after his first year he has yet to prove his worth to any franchise. The statistics reveal that a vast majority don’t make it past the fourth year. Unless he make wise money decisions he will be slinging d*** soon.

  4. He’s not all that cute…pretty lame to me.
    Why yall always jumpin on a dude’s dick just because he’s straight or a baller…SMH
    If he was cuter, then maybe I could see a reason for all the dick ridin’

    1. this guy, Your comments are sometimes on point with mine. I agree. He’s ok. basic, short and a basic dick, nothing enticing or exciting.

  5. I was wondering when you were going to run this story lol, saw it the other day and knew it would make its way to the foxhole. Dude is cute in a Im a night stocker at Wal-mart kind of way.

    1. ^shit sometimes those are the best ones.

      well not this one.
      he knows his dick is big and done stuck it in everything that had a hole.
      they presented him with presents about 9 months later.

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