The PSA From Mister Cee Heard Round… Hot 97.

mister-cee_541x358mister cee does a psa about aids and his “situation”.
everyone in the class is required to pay attention.
hit it…

was he having unprotected sex with his street walkers?
i’m slightly lost with this psa.
now is “situation” code word for for “insanity”?
they say if you do the same thing over and over expecting different results…

tumblr_m58faeROYS1rv6skio1_500well thanks for the advice mister cee!
i also have something for ya.
something you desperately need.
here ya go:

x my present to him

6 thoughts on “The PSA From Mister Cee Heard Round… Hot 97.

  1. He is a sad mess. Does anyone know if he is still with his wife? Because if they are still together, what will it take for her to finally get of out Dodge? Dodging bullets.

  2. I hope that he was not having unprotected sex with those people. If this is the case he knows better.

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