the hybrid whose cheeks were the only thing getting clapped

we don’t really font about the hybrids in the foxhole.
you know i’m all for the foxes,
and we usually date the wolves,
but the hybrids need love too.
for those who don’t know what a hybrid it,
it’s a “verse” in the gay community.
for those who don’t know what a “vers” is…

Why are you here?

but that’s someone who “gives and receives” in a sexual relationship.
as i was going down my twitter timeline,
i saw a text thread that caught my attention.
it was from a twitter user named @_G3SUS.
i ended up posting it to my ig stories,
but i wanted to discuss with the foxhole…

“he would not allow me to clap the cheeks,
but he would allow others“?

i woulda been gone.
ain’t no need to stick around with someone so selfish.
i feel like bad communication is the cause of most hurt feelings.
someone can’t be honest enough to say what’s not working.
i thought foxes had it rough.
we meet a wolf we really into and after that honeymoon phase is over,
which is probably 2 days in foxhole life,
he gets the bright idea to start sharing the pipe with others.
some don’t even get that luxury as they’re back on the hunt after dickin’ you down.
@_G3SUS went on to tweet:

some males truly just suck.
if the vixens have hell dating us…

What makes gay males think it would be easy?

as much as i thought hybrids have it easier than foxes,
it looks like they deal with the same shit in a different position.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “the hybrid whose cheeks were the only thing getting clapped”

  1. look it boils down to who’s the more masculine in the relationship, that cheater is probably more masculine and didn’t wanna get smashed by his bf who’s more on the fem-soft side, I bet that cheater let a full or a very top who’s masculine smash him

    gays are a trip !!!

    1. You nailed it right on the head. This occurs very often. They deem their partners as inferior when it comes to topping and seek out masculine dudes to do the job.

  2. So did they have an open relationship or was the semi-vers boyfriend just letting random dudes smash? Had the ex-boyfriend ever let Thirsty Stallion smash or not? Was this the case from the get-go or did it develop a few months into the relationship?

    Something is missing in this story. I’d like to see the ex-boyfriend’s account,

  3. I predict all strictly this or that gays will have to “settle” for a vers guy. Many versatile men have a preference for which they like and if they know you’re strict, won’t ask for what you’re not into. As we continue to pretend we’re superheroes and don’t use condoms thinking PREP is a cure-all, STD rates will remain high, more of us will die and then who will you date?

    The checklist for a perfect man in this small, insecure community is beyond delusional.

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