The Foxholers Bring Jussie Smollett Easter Eggs For Consumption

so the foxhole has been barking since yesterday’s entry.
that lead was on to something with jussie smollett‘s alleged boyfriend,
tawan davis.
a vix-bi sent me these treats for the foxhole.
the first picture is the day of the gentleman’s ball in atlanta.
the second is a video after the empire upfronts in new yawk last year.
take a look…

i remember i saw that video and didn’t even notice tawan.
all i remember was taraji shutting up terrence in the front seat.
i thought she was stopping him from saying something he shouldn’t.
i did remember looking at jussie’s face for his reaction.
it’s funny how my mind will create a damn story,
but a  whole tawan was sitting there and i didn’t even realize

i didn’t even see the snow bunny in the backseat either.
well shit…

whatever is happening,
i’m wishing blessings all over on it. 
it’s hard enough to find a date,
let alone a male to love.
i’ll allow the alleged.

lowkey: if the alleged is true,
they seem private so this maybe the last entry on them.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “The Foxholers Bring Jussie Smollett Easter Eggs For Consumption”

  1. I just found both your postings on Jussie’s boyfriend! Love that the news has travelled here. I posted all about them and will update if there is more info I can share here:

    I only posted pics and info that has been made public online. They are indeed trying to keep it very private so we may not see or hear more from them but trust me they are very much in love and serious about their relationship.

    By the way, Tawan is also an associate minister at Harlem’s Kelly Temple Church. He’s a great preacher as well as being a great teacher! He used to be an adjunct professor in real estate, finance, and economics at New York University. Truly a man of many talents! They really are prime examples of Black Excellence!

    I will share another small tidbit here. You can catch a quick glimpse of Tawan seated next to Jussie on the second photo/video that Jussie posted on his instagram page on June 22nd the day after his birthday where he thanks his fans for all their lovely birthday wishes. It is a short boomerang video where Jussie is standing and reaching out for his nephew Hunter but you can also see Tawan in the seat next to him in the white t-shirt. You can’t see him clearly but that’s him. Don’t know how to repost it online but feel free to share that if you’d like.

    1. Does his congregation know he is in a same sex relationship? Or is this an affirming church.I hope the outing of this relationship doesn’t jeopardize his position in the church.Although I know it’s a risk a person takes when they get involved with someone in show business with all the blogs and gossip sites.

      1. Um, if his church isn’t affirming then he should be outed. What type of hypocrisy would it be to be a minister in same sex relationship (sexual activity is presumed) while preaching at a church that condemns that very behavior.

  2. Jussie doesn’t seem like the type to air his love life publicly, I’ve noticed that since he first appeared on Empire. There would be times in interviews where he wouldn’t even acknowledge his homosexuality publicly (which I don’t blame him for). People are so damn nosy & messy.
    He seems like the type of person who likes to be regular & just wants his work to outshine everything else. It’s the general public & the media who are here for the press. He seems like the type to go on set, do his humanitarian work and then go live his life.

    He’s not one of those actors who puts their love-life on front street to stay relevant, he’s not snapped by the papparazi regularly, he’s not attention-whoring on instagram. He just seems like a lowkey genuine guy. So if that is his partner I wish them well.

  3. What lovely things to see and read while I prepare for Hurricane Nate. Juss lives like how I live. Keep your love life to yourself (unless Yu want it publicly broadcasted yourself). I’m not a public spilling person so I totally stand for their stance on this, even if they get married, privately. Folks these days will look for any reason to ruin your reputation….ANY.

    This social media age is even nosier than ever now. Folks be ready…smartphones make everyone a detective.

  4. …..AND THEY STILL TWO (1…2…count it chil’ren) Gay black men handlin’ and mindin’ they Bizness…get It bruthas! Now get Y’alls!

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