the day i met beyonce and all the drama that followed

one day,
in a land up north,
a peasant fox met a beautiful queen on random.
it turned out to be the best,
and then amazing experience of his life…

i feel like every couple years,
my picture with beyonce resurfaces somewhere.
last time i saw it,
which was like a few years ago,
it was on the wendy’s show where someone was claiming to be me.
“jason in atl” it is NOT.
that pic was taken in new yawk around 2010 or 2011-ish.
i’m gonna trying to font this story as short as possible,
which can’t happen because it contains a ton of moving parts


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Sept 21, 2010 . #beyonce #throwback

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^that is me in that picture with bey.

one of the foxholers hit me up last night,
randomly asking if i met beyonce.
they saw that picture and knew it was me from my lips.
i’m so mad my lips are an identifiable trait.
besides beyonce looking amazing,
i hated how i looked in that pic because i was sick.
i remember it was on a monday because i didn’t get a cut that weekend either.
the crazy part is i was gonna call out that day.
the Lord told me to get my ass to work.

i was a floater at the time and covering a lunch break.
on that floor,
miss tina was doing her line for “miss tina by tina knowles“.
she would come in all the time and she was always cool af.
she was very pleasant to me.
so particular day a crowd of people,
including miss tima,
came out the elevator with a very stunning woman behind them all.
i thought it was a model tbh.
imagine how nervous i got when i realized it was bey?
i had to take a picture with her.
it was no question.
so i asked miss tina if she can ask bey for me to take the pic.

“You gotta ask her yourself!”

i’m like come on tina!
i’m asking you because i’m scared to ask directly!
so when bey came out with julius,
miss tina got her attention and motioned her head in my direction.

can i take a picture…

with you,

she didn’t hesitate and said “sure!”.
pic it taken.
i remember julius looking like he was ready to tackle me.

i post it on my social medias and you know it got attention quick.
every beyhive member across the planet hit me up about that pic.

“What is she like?!”
“How did she smell?!”
“Omg you touched her?!”

next day i go to work,
still on a high off the day before,
one of my home vixen receptionists called the desk i was at ASAP.
she told me look on media takeout:


next thing you know,
i’m being called in a room by my bosses because i might be fired.

When I took the pic with bey,
I didn’t realize my job logo was above my head.
It wasn’t even supposed to be known she came into the office.
What she was working on was supposed to be a secret.

later on,
i heard a bey stan at that job was jealous and sent it into mto with that title.
that whole week tho,
they were waiting for word from bey on if she was offended by mto in any way.

The good news?

as i was told,
i was able to keep my job because bey told them she wasn’t upset.
i was told she vouched for me and basically told them not to let me go.
imagine beyonce teling those white folks,
who i never forgot turned on me in an instant,
not to fire me.

so that is the origin of that picture with b.
i ended up meeting bey a year later,
at that same job on a different floor,
and she didn’t forget me.
i’m glad i’m able to share that moment in my life with the foxhole.
my friends and family knew the story,
but since i’ve revealed myself,
it’s a blessing to be able to tell you about that adventure.

low-key: i want to have a do-over.
i hate how i look in that picture next to bey.
i had one them fly ass gazelles tho.

i pray that one day,
i can take a better picture with bey.
not feeling sick and a haircut.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “the day i met beyonce and all the drama that followed”

  1. Wow I’ve heard so many horror stories about people meeting celebrities but I’ve never heard anything bad about Beyoncé!
    It’s crazy cause my friend had a horror story about meeting Kenya Moore and Beyoncé is way bigger than Kenya and can manage to treat people with respect!

    1. Favorite celebs who are really nice in person for me would Will Smith, Karl Urban, Kenny G and Dennis Rodman and Monigue. Brian McKnight and Bebe Winans are the absolute worst.

  2. You got a photo with Bey. How many people get that opportunity. You looked fine. She looked fine. You didn’t lose your job. So stop obsessing over how you looked! It’s you. It’s a great photo. Enjoy memories of an experience 99.9999 percent of us will never have.

  3. JAMARI you gotta cut yourself some SLACK!!! Do you REALIZE you are in a picture with BEYONCE; a women that of course is naturally beautiful, but also has a glam team, trainer, access to infinite skin treatments etc. and you still manage to look nice NEXT to her! Boy please lol and you better be happy about them lips, white women is killing they bank accounts to get & maintain lips like that!

  4. Yassssss Mari! 👏😘 Boyyyyyy stop the nonsense. You look cool next to the queen. Envy you so much right now 😭 I have never run into any celebrity at all…well aside from Mark Henry and the boy from Greenleaf. But, who are they?! 😂😂😂😂 No disrespect to Mark Henry though. And Mari I am definitely here for the stories. You have definitely been on a few adventures mister lml. My wine and popcorn are ready 🍿

  5. Wow… Jamari this is an experience most would die for .See, we always have been telling you that your special and have Star Quality written all over them sexy lips(Smile)

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