The Attention Starved Wolf Wants You To See His Other Sex Videos For Free

foxes, hybrids, and wolves meet: @Broskiiiiiiiii

he was the wolf who uploaded his boys running the train on some vixen.
he definitely has made a name for himself the last few days, hasn’t he?
his whole twitter wall is dripping in hood boogers.


well since then,
wshh took down the video (shocked me)….
so, he decided to find another source to feed his attention starvation….


so, is he getting paid for this?
is there a check involved?
or, is he just exposing vixens because it’s a weekend?
that is what’s wrong with these dumb niggers today.
they are all about the attention and no cash deposit.
this mofo could have easily made a good stack or two if he was smart.
but again: niggers.

he looks broke as shit.
this nigga look like he can’t even buy you a happy meal.
ima really need these vixens to do better in 2012.
especially if they plan on being in a amateur porn video like they don’t plan on working.

lowkey: ima need that broad to stop hooping and hollering like he is really splitting her insides open.
that stroke is average at best.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “The Attention Starved Wolf Wants You To See His Other Sex Videos For Free”

  1. He needs to stop trying to become famous though sex videos. That doesn’t work unless you fuck someone famous. He needs to go and sit down.

  2. why give pay check advise? you the dumb one, Im enjoying it as entertainment, we went a few back and forth when i commented on WSHH, check my Disqus for the chat

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