Terron Beckham Been Puttin’ In Work For This

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 10.13.05 PMi’m genuinely happy for terron beckham.
he is the cousin of odell beckham jr and also a foxhole fav.i remember when he came on here to defend himself against a hyena.
good times.
even tho he is a body building beast of a wolf,
terron’s dream has also been to play for the nfl.
the traditional way is going to school and being on a team.
terron said “f that” and depended on:

insane focus
training that super human bawdy of his

well he has a date with the extended rookie camp with the jets next week.
he will have the opportunity to try out for the team.
here is a quick video from stack on terron’s path to the pros in 2016…


his bawdy
well i pray for a positive outcome for terron.
he has been working hard for this.
he has already started the law of attraction on his ig:

when he gets drafted,
this should let all of us know our dreams are possible.
we are all future exceptions to the rules.
i love the lesson in this!
good luck terron!

lowkey: can we talk about terron’s tail…

it looks soft even tho he is so hard.
terron is straight tho.
don’t even get it twisted.
i also think he is more handsome with short hair.
i’m sure he won’t be kicked out of bed regardless.


*thank you to all the f-bi and vix-bi with the terron updates.

follow terron’s journey: instagram

Author: jamari fox

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23 thoughts on “Terron Beckham Been Puttin’ In Work For This

  1. Cousins? Damn they must have really good-looking family. But if they were to offer a threesome to me, I will happily accept it. It can be like a triple chocolate cake except Odell is caramel, I’m the sweet caramel and milk chocolate infusion and Terron is chocolate. It sound more like a snicker bar than a cake, but I just a want a threesome with me.

  2. It just seems like yesterday he was here at the foxhole defending himself and now he is getting ready to blow up LoL. I follow him on Snap and IG so I have seen all the hard work he has put in and he seems like a humble person so I am hoping his dream of being in the NFL comes true. Would I be wrong saying, I like the old body and hairstyle better, I use to have such a crush on this dude, I actually got a chance to see him working out in person a couple of years ago and he was not as tall as I thought on pictures, and he was not super big as he is now. I am not of fan of the big Superhero look personally, but I know you need to be a beast to rise to the top in the NFL. My other crush Braylon is also getting that big Superhero look like Laron Landry. As a pretty big dude myself, I am feeling more of the Odell size dudes, than these Incredible Hulk physiques.

    1. I wasn’t around for when he popped up in the foxhole, what happened? Some jackal spreading rumors?

    1. LMAO, blame it on youthful freaky indiscretions, I am sure if he makes it and becomes famous the infamous tape will surface. I have seen the gif on Tumblr, I think he may have been catfished. The old Expose the Jocks Tumblr page had the actual tape for sale a couple of years ago, I dont know how legit it was seeing as it has never surfaced. Maybe he was able to pay them off, but the ETJ dude said he a couple of video interactions of him being all types of freaky. Is he a Scorpio too-LMAO….

  3. Usually i’m not into super big men, but he’s just right wow! He’s a beautiful man, and seems like a good dude. I approve!

      1. and he’s really cute in the face too! Very handsome! AND he likes Naruto? #hubbymaterial
        Oh boy, we’d have SO much to talk about! LOL!

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