The Tales of Two Dickheads

Rottenecards_77478941_tq5dxqqpvjeveryone comes to me for advice.
i love helping people and as always,
my advice is spot on and should be used immediately.
the year is already starting off to some fuckery.
the gay world and dating is a hot mess,
but the straight world ain’t no better.
two vixens i am extremely close with called me about their woes with wolves.
during their stories,
i had to wonder…

Are men just idiots?

homegirl #1

she met this wolf through her cousin.
he was light skin,
and came home from the army.
she was already talkin to another wolf,
but since he recently moved so far away,
she didn’t know if she should keep up with it.
when this fine meat walked in her life,
she thought maybe it was a sign for her to move on.
they kept it light.
no under the clothes stuff.
told her mama at the christmas party he was gonna marry her one day.
i can see why she would take him seriously.
her cousin warned her not to deal with him.

“i know my boy.”
“do you really?” she thought.

well couple nights ago,
she was on facebook and was in for a surprise.
in the “recommended friends” tab,
she saw him in a default picture with some other vixen.
she clicked the profile and saw in the headline a sonogram.
her wall was unlocked and it revealed to her how:

a) she was having a baby
b) he was the baby daddy
c) they were still together
d) she hates when he leaves and doesn’t come back til the morning

shocked as hell.
she didn’t want to believe it.
well she should have.
her cousin did give her a cheat sheet.
when he finally reached her,
she told him what she had seen.
his response?

“yeah but its complicated.”

Slapis it complicated for his soon to be baby mama…
…or just him?
either way,
i told her to get rid of him.
he is trash,
a liar,
and sneaky.
he was trying to play both of them.
get some pussy on the side,
while dealing with his baby mama.
fuck around and start to like this wolf and be in for some drama.
i told her thank god she didn’t fuck him.
she agreed.

little cousin #2

yesterday i was in a mood.
i was screening calls,
but my little cousin was blowing up my phone.
i don’t get along with that side of the family,
but she calls me when she needs someone to talk to.
so she went over this wolf’s crib yesterday.
he lived in queens.
from the description,
she said he was fine.
light skin,
hazel eyes,
a touch of hood,
and a nice body.
she met him doing something i can’t remember,
but she gave him her number and they started to talk.
he wanted to chill with her so he invited her over.
when she went over there,
they sat on the couch and watched “the kardashians”.
um, gay much?
anyway he asked her what i’m sure you have heard before:

“come closer”

she did.
he started to touch on her thighs.
he even started to put his finger in her pants.
he even said:

“you should take off your pants.
we should do it together.”

sex during the kardashians?
what are you tellin me?

tumblr_mnkaobewfu1qcm0m3o1_400she wasn’t down with it so she told him.
he got an attitude.
like a vixen of my heart,
she got up to leave.

“oh you mad?” he asked.
“yeah because i’m not some hoe you are use too.”
“whatever you just some dumb light skin hoe anyway.”

she didn’t even give him a response.
as she waited for a cab,
he texted her:

“i hope you get some safe.
i don’t want you to think differently of me after today.”

she didn’t respond.
i told her that she needed to erase his number NOW.
going over a wolf’s house to “chill” means “i won’t chill with my dick sliding in and out you.”
since he is as “fine” as she said,
he is use to stupid girls fuckin over empty stomachs and reality tv.
she needed to be more clear with what she was looking for.
a wolf will assume you are DTF by coming over his spot.

honestly these two wolves represent the common “whats wrong with dating” nowadays.
you know you got some stories.
shit ive dated/messed some complete dickheads.
ive learned you gotta speak up,
demand what you want,
never tolerate bad behavior,
and be ready to throw up the duecez without looking back.
hopefully these two learned something for the future.
i know i did.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “The Tales of Two Dickheads”

  1. typical young’uns…they BOTH need knowledge on relationships. Its amazing but every child goes through the puberty years and 90% fail. There should be a course in college on relationship 101 as everyone needs it. Boys will be boys at least 90% of them – they only think with their dick heads. Most girls, your 2 friends included are different and they live to tell the tale. The other 10% of girls are down for whatever the boys want. A case of Venus & Mars. It is through hookups like these where all problems start and i’m happy your 2 friends are smart enough not to be the next statistics.

  2. Shit, I put my foot down at the start man, Kordell Stewart style…..jk

    Let them know you aren’t a pushover, and let them know what you will and will not allow. Know your worth, and have a good sense of judgement when it comes to relationships.

  3. Men–gay, straight or bisexual–suffer from “testosterone poisoning”. Men wake up in the morning with an erection and spend the rest of the day trying to figure out what to do with it. Men think about sex morning, noon and night. And more so when they are young with blood full of testosterone and nuts full of cum.

    In an earlier post of yours, I wrote:
    “The guys that have looks, body, sex/sex appeal and youth tend to be at the top of the sexual food chain and they tend to have their pick of guys who “don’t measure up”. The guys that don’t measure up often throw themselves at the guys at the top of the sexual food chain with the hope that they might get some sex with such a top or bottom. And the guys a the top of the sexual food chain play their advantages to the hilt. They have the other guys buying things for them, waiting for hours and they are often rude (standing guys up, not returning phone calls, etc.). They don’t care. To guys at the top of the sexual food chain, other guys are interchangable and you’re lucky if you can get some dick and/or ass.

    Will it change? No. Not as long as sex is the currency of exchange among gay men. Guys who have the currency are like kids in a candy store or dogs in a meat house. The want to sample a bit of everything. If you have the currency, you can spend it and get what you want. If you don’t have have the currency, you can beg.”

    Much–if not all–of the same can apply to women. Women go “ga-ga” over men with looks, body, sex, sex appeal and youth. They get “wet” at the sight of them and will drop their panties and suck a mean dick for such men. Usually, such men just need a good “rap” game. That is, talk appealingly and they can easily get the pussy. If they don’t get the pussy, we’ll they’ll just call “Next” and the next “victim” will get the dick.

    The bottom line: Many straight men play the same games on women that gay men play on men.

    1. Damn Dean you broke that shit all the way down and spoke nothing but the truth. I always wonder what its like to be the pretty boy everybody wants with a big dick or fat ass and why they are such jerks and assholes and pretty much what you said, its all these desperate lonely people who keep letting them get away with the bullshit and they keep it going until they get old and are played out. Most pretty boys and girls for that matter end up looking busted when they get older because they never thought that their good looks would fade or end and they usually dont plan or prepare for life and end up with anybody who will take them. I wonder what the end will be with many of our Instagram attention whores of today who look so good now. I have lived long enough to know that all people shit catches up to them one day no matter how good they look. My few years at the foxhole have taught me not to settle for just anyone and not to let assholes run over me either because they might happen to be the hot boy of the moment, hell I think just like them, I am the hot boy too. You will be surprise that when you challenge them, or dont take their shit they respect you in the end. The two female vixens have not heard the last of these dudes because they valued their self worth these dudes are now going to see them as something they really want now.

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