Cum Inside Jamari… Literally

Can I tell you a freaky little secret that I have?

Well, you know I am not shy about sharing my secrets.

My goal is to be with something big.
I want that BIG love.
I want to travel with my Wolf, grow with my Wolf, and both learn about each other in many ways.
I want to fight with him, get tired of him, and still want to be with him after it is all said and done.
I want him to be sick of me, put me in my place, but in the end, he will still respect me and cum right back.

… I also want to have an out of this world sex life with this Wolf.
I mean, we GET IT IN.

He knows I am a freak and he could either be one or not, but he is open to learn.
Since I love toys and other sexual treats, I want us to always to make sure our sex life is BOOMING.
When I tell Star Fox about our sex life, I want him to hi5 me everytime I tell him what freaky thing we done did.

Well this is where my secret comes in…

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