“He Probably May Not Call Me Back.”

used_condom_43w346446_1234227693217that entry title is my attitude for 2014.
now i know you’re thinking:
“um negative much?”
…but im taking a more realistic standpoint.
you should as well…
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King James Has A Snow Wolf Twin?

lebron-james-decisionnow you know king james is sensitive about his looks…
so after scandal tonight,
i was flippin through channels to get to the #miamiheat game.
i landed on a ufc match where this snow wolf getting interviewed.
his name is nick fitch and he reminded me of the king.
take a look…
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Pre Baller Wolf, Tre Mason, Looks Like He Got That Work

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 7.23.18 PMwow.
an f-bi sent me some vines about pre baller wolf for the auburn tigers,
tre mason,
and im completely at a loss for words.
so this is  ( x the new “it” college wolf ) outside his helmet after his big auburn win…
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Is This Tweet From Paris Hilton about Nelson Mandela Real?

BawY0krCQAA0r2ntell me this is a photo shop of this deleted tweet?
  paris hilton isn’t that dumb, is she?
then again…
tumblr_inline_mx8xoqGWOt1rya7fqthis isn’t the way to get back into the spotlight p!
i’m just saying.
you already got caught up being a racist ( @2:40):

lets not add dumb ass to your dossier.

lowkey: i know she had a lot to say about her ex friend loving that “nigger” dick.