Chris Brown Explains “Dick-Gate”

He sent it to a girl…
uh huh… *wink wink*

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X Marks The F0x: The Cousin I’m Really Fucking

BlindGossip – Men would be shocked – and women would be heartbroken – to learn that this popular and good-looking athlete has already given his heart away… to another man. His salary and endorsement deals are far too lucrative for him to come out of the closet, so he keeps up a macho appearance by fake-dating beautiful (and occasionally famous) women. His real-life gay partner is a man who frequently accompanies him when he travels, is a bit older than him, and is sometimes introduced as his “cousin” or “business partner”.

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Who Do U Trust? Are You 4 Sure?

Do we truly know our friends?

That is a question I am sure we have asked at one point of our lives.
After a year of dropping fake friends and associates left and right,
I am starting to see what a fake friend really is.

You do not want to have all kind of fake people with you on your path to stardom.
It is better to cut them off at the pass before they get to spoiled at the destination.

Below is a list for you to finally answer all the question…


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