WOLF MEAT: (326)

tumblr_mk9ltpJBIT1qzq0yqo1_500would you put your hands on these bunz?…

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Kirk Frost: The Biggest Winner On Reality Television?

rasheeda-and-kirk-frost-514 accused of being gay: check.
become a triflin’ asshole on a reality show: double check.
congratulations go out to kirk frost!
sold his soul for the top story line on love and hiphop atl.
he has become black twitter’s most hated wolf… ever?
if you been catchin’ up with the show,
you know this mofo dun lost his mind.
i woulda tased the fuck out his ass if i was rasheeda.
as soon as he walked in the door,
he would have been met with my taser gun.
well he uploaded something on instagram last night and you already know…

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Carolyn Moos Is Milkin’ This For All It’s Worth, Huh?

130429024012-jason-collins-profile-single-image-cutwell where is he?
i thought jason collins was suppose to open the door for the gays?
he seems to have gone missing from his duties.
jason collins ex fiance,
carolyn moos,
is getting more publicity than he is these days.
she is still “hurt” by his down low ways and telling everyone with an ear.
who didn’t see this coming?
well she got her a nice spread in cosmopolitan to talk about it…

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I’m Thankful I Didn’t Have To Bathe In My Own Pee This Morning!

tumblr_mpdnfldPLu1qbqne3o1_500“things could be worse”.
like a marquee going through my head.
i woke up out my sleep at 630am.
looking in my bank account just now,
i started playing scenarios in my head of “worse”.
sitting at a corner holding up a sign.
trying to keep warm with twenty cats and a cardboard box.
i even saw myself drinking a urine cocktail.
i know.
“jumping ahead, much?”…

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f0xmail: Did You Fuck My Wife?! Well Did You?!?!


Hey Jamari I love your site for discussing different subject matters, I saw this short film on BGC recently about an evil twin stealing his brother’s things and his woman occasionally. I thought we could all relate as we always have that relative that takes things from us because they are bitter.

Anyways check it out very good acting!


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Happy Foxi 4th And The Winner Is… You?

tumblr_lztw1hVpz41rp3gg8o1_500hope you guys have a good day.
my vixen cancelled her bbq,
so i guess i’m local today.
that may change,
who knows,
but i have something for you all.
i know most of us don’t have that phone for…

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