Black People Will Be Considered “Exxxoticals” Later On

acid_picdump_139i got this on one of my favorite wolf’s instagram today.
isn’t that crazy?
well i guess the color struck negros of 2014 are in the wrong generation.
to think that this…
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tumblr_mw8c73iqLa1qck7xro1_500broderick hunter.
the foxhole model wolf legend.
i always felt like he was a mystery.
i knew nothing about him besides looking like “sex in print“.
well here is a video from top black models with a little bit of his background.
of course i got a few new prints of his as well…
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You Might Just Date That Straight Wolf Pretty Soon (Heteroflexible)

i believe this the way the world is going.
the vixens may collapse,
but they’re quick to have some “clit on pussy action” so they can’t talk.
you wouldn’t believe the secrets some of these “straight” wolves have.
the ones who scream “im straight” or “fuck fags” online,
but giving some body part in real life to their homeboy.
uh uh.
i peep ya’ll emailing me asking for advice and to get more comfortable.
so the word of the day is:

tumblr_inline_mugohwdR5y1r2s1iv…or “foxhole-flexible”.
im with it.
i already got my trophy shining products ready.
what about you?

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Bippity, Boppity, Boi Pu$$y.

voodoowould you like the power to attract every man you are attracted to?
something like that ^wolf above.
i mean every single one that you have lusted after.
no chat sites.
no extra work.
anytime they lay their eyes on you,
or you on them,
they instantly want whatever you are having.
that would make you feel like a king, huh?
literally having all kinds of men wrapped around your finger.
well you can have all that if you start practicing voodoo.
cast an attraction spell on yourself and BOOM: insta-penis.
i mean,
isn’t that the premise of most disney movies?
cinderella wouldn’t have met her prince if it wasn’t for a fairy godmother.
she’d probably still be scrubbing toilets and shopping at conway.
what about pinocchio?
snow white?
and even sleeping beauty?
those movies taught us the magic of casting spells to get a man/better life.
so i started to wonder…

Does casting spells really work?

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foXXX: Milan Christopher Gets The Cakes Smashed?

4986dc112385fso there is a video of mega attentionisto milan christopher allegedly getting smashed.
about time?
i mean he advertises his butt cheeks every other chance he gets.
im starting to think they hold all the talent.
well you be the judge.
and “not for straight eyes”:

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