Jay Z Stanning For Miley Cyrus?

tumblr_m17dnfPzV61r2dtiwo1_400i love hova.
my bk homie.
he’s one of the respected rappers turned wolf moguls today,
but he’s confusing my foxi spirit with this “miley cyrus” stanning.
he sat down with angieee @ hot97 to talk about “twerk miley miley twerk”.
plus some beyonce, obama, and dame dash stuff…

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I Got Somebody Else… and I’m Leaving You.

tumblr_mpoptwu7bv1qecroco1_500she looks so good.
she looks her best when she’s toned down.
i was looking at her the entire time while watching the video.
sorry mario.
mario premiered his new song,
“somebody else” with nicki minaj,
and the shit goes hard body…

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Alfonzo Dennard: Another Baller Wolf Bites The Dust?

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 3.36.51 PMhe looks a wolf i use to talk too.
damn i miss that.
*looks thru old phone for number*

so the new england patriots holds some thug wolves on their team.
guns and goal posts.
i love it.
aaron hernandez may have a new cellmate soon.
alfonzo dennard may just be joining him…

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Let Me Tell Ya’ll About People And The Shit They Come With

this came over my spirit this morning.
well its been on my foxi spirt for a while now.
from straight to gay,
i am really starting to realize some people ain’t shit.
now there are good people out there.
i like to think i’m one of them.
others however always get the ed lover:

EdLover-CMonSon-Ep16in my short time heere on earth,
i can say ive interacted with all kinds of people.
when you work in the entertainment industry,
it’s enhanced by 1,000.
this should speak to someone out there.
others may not “get it”.
not yet anyway,
but they will.
hell you may just be one of the following below…

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I Would Ride The Hell Out Chu. I Damn Sure Would.

i saw my dream car tonight!
my dream wolf also owned it.
that’s another story.
i ran out of brown rice,
so i had to take a quick trip to the corner store.
when i walked out my building,
i saw this sexy wolf talkin to the spanish vixen couple buildings up.
he was definitely my type,
but i didn’t even focus on him for to long.
his car is what really got my attention….

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