I Want To Walk Kerry Rhodes Plank

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 5.33.18 PM…ummmm well kerry rhodes did say that was his plank position on his IG.
i was just wondering…
get your mind out the gutter why don’t cha.

lowkey: i tried to jump in the pool here in fl.
it was cold as hell.
i sat on the edge and put my feet in.
i guess jumping in is a YOLO situation,

Before You Open That Big Mouth To Bring Him Down (Some Advice)

7 before you go cussin people with no filter,
because i can just see you flippin’ out on damn near everyone,
let me give you a few tips that have personally worked for me.
we’ll call this “how to use that mouth the right way 101”

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My Mouth Got You Down There On Your Knees (How It Feel?)

tumblr_mmwaulA5Kr1qllucco1_500so have you been feeling like no one listens to you?
have people been making traction marks on your back?
what about being being stabbed in the back recently?
does everyone depend on you for shit?
but wait tho…
as soon as you need help,
or you need someone to talk to,
is no one is there to return the favor?
the same people you were once there for are now gone.
don’t you hate the ones who are quick to turn the tables on you?
play the victim like you did something wrong.
you’re that guy and so was i,
but guess what?
i got the solution to cut all that shit.
starting now.
it should get you the respect you deserve.
may even get some new dick in the process.
what is it?…
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“He Probably May Not Call Me Back.”

used_condom_43w346446_1234227693217that entry title is my attitude for 2014.
now i know you’re thinking:
“um negative much?”
…but im taking a more realistic standpoint.
you should as well…
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King James Has A Snow Wolf Twin?

lebron-james-decisionnow you know king james is sensitive about his looks…
so after scandal tonight,
i was flippin through channels to get to the #miamiheat game.
i landed on a ufc match where this snow wolf getting interviewed.
his name is nick fitch and he reminded me of the king.
take a look…
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