Summa Ya’ll Are Half Horse Ready To Beat It Down Like Chris Brown.

ask her.
she is an expert on this topic.

black wolves have been winning for a long time.
breaking down many walls.
this snow bunny in this video breaks down why…


“i love this big black donkey cock!
oh god!
oh shit!
i have never had a dick this deep!”


i already know the black vixen’s heads spun around like the exorcist child.
you know they hate when snow bunnies talk about claiming and lusting after our dicks.

is what she said really wrong?

lowkey: is it me,
or are snow bunnies the easiest to get?
and why is every other race of woman (and now gay men)
the enemy to the black vixen?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Summa Ya’ll Are Half Horse Ready To Beat It Down Like Chris Brown.”

    1. Sad to say, but outside of close friends and family, many Black women have some of the nastiest dispositions if you dare to even attempt not to revolve your life around their every whim.

      Gay dudes got it worse because either you are a threat or a tease depending on how close to straight you can pass in their minds.

      Black women hate themselves and each other. No other reason why a beautiful Black woman would insist on looking like an low rent imitation White woman other than she hates herself on the inside. So tired of blonde wigs, weaves and blue contacts on chocolate brown skin. So over it.

      1. I agree with you iceed. Black women also have attitude issues and many are jealous and insecure. Still got love for them tho.

    2. As a proud black man who loves other black men and women, I honestly and truly get tired of hearing men (black men specifically) complain about black women and demonize them as if they’re undesireable. Saying shit like, “Black women are angry and have attitudes” is not only offensive, but it’s ignorant.

      When you think about all the black woman does and what she has to put up with on a daily basis, the fact that she’s hard shouldn’t come as a surprise.

      You show me another woman in society that can raise a family of 4, keep a home together, make sure there’s food on the table and the kids are doing well in school, establish a career, deal with racism and discrimination on a daily basis, be told by their men that they’re undesireable and still manage to not only love themselves, but the men that condemn them.

      I’ll wait.

      The problem isn’t that black women have attitudes or are too aggressive or whatever. The problem is the black man has become weak; a fraction of what the black man used to be.

      Black men need to step their game up.

      1. This is 100% gospel truth. Black women may have some “issues” just like many other races of women and men, but so the fuck what. The things that black women have to deal with is insurmountable. I hate to see a black man gay, straight, bi or whatever disrespect the whole of black woman just because the may have had some bad experiences with a few. But what should i expect when most black men have been raised to idealize whiteness and misogyny.

      2. If you ask me, they don’t make black men OR women like they used to for the most part.

        The majority of us don’t aspire to be better anymore.

        Everything is about taking the easy route now, but that shit wasn’t a viable option in the past.

  1. I turned on the video and turned it right off 30 seconds in.

    White women date black men because black men are exotic to them and represent something they’re not supposed to have. It’s actually pretty offensive when you think about it.

    Don’t need a video to tell me what I already know.

  2. Most of the time the black “vixen” has to protect herself. From the moment black women came onto this land they have been raped, belittle, and berated to a level that i think some black men will never understand. The white men treated them as this sexual objects , the white women treated them as threats because they were jealous that there men wanted the black women sexually and had children with them, and the black men resented them because black women bodies were “tainted” by the white men and the black women were allowed a certain amount of agency that made them breadwinners for the family. Now, on top of all the past bullshit black women have to deal with stereotypes of having “bad attitudes”, “scientific” studies of being the least attractive type of human, most of their black men being in jail, on the “dl” ( and a lot of gay men have no qualms about sleeping with a married man/ man w/ a girlfriend), or taken by other races of women who are scene as “exotic” or “white fairy princess.” Wouldn’t you be pissed off too?

    And fuck this shit about white women loving black men because the got swag and dick and all that bullshit. Y’all can keep letting other races (specifically white ones) assert that the only value you have as a black person is your physical self and hood/aggressive/dangerous swagga but I’m not here for that shit.

    1. Preach!

      There is a huge difference between having a bad attitude and asserting yourself as someone who deserves respect. People need to learn the difference.

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