Spotted: Mister Cumz Getit

foxholespottedwhere ever you go,
whatever you do,
just know the f-bi maybe rouuunnndddddd youuuuu…
see thats the thing about the foxhole.
we are everywhere,
we are classy,
and we have good aim.
so one of my skilled f-bi sent me a flick of “mister cumz getit” spotted at his gym.
( a very heavy disclaimer: here | here )
it also appears that mister getit resides in florida.
who is this mystery wolf who is “most wanted” on social media?
who did he piss off that his peen pics/videos are everywhere?
or is he putting in his future bid as social media attentionisto?
i guess we maybe staying tuned to find out.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Spotted: Mister Cumz Getit”

  1. Dang, that pic was kinda close. Y’all be careful trying to play private eye and shit lol. Don’t get cut in these streets lol.

    1. ^LOL. I know! I don’t know how people do it. I’d be too scared that the person would get upset if they saw me doing it. This day and age…people are crazy!
      My phone makes that loud ass click when you take a pic, so I couldn’t do it if I wanted to!

  2. j i just step across to the rachet side oh my he took some sexy dick pics, they all faceshots so maybe he is trying to get some attention. but i leaves me with the question is it worth it?

  3. Is the person who snapped the pic in the mirror?

    Those gym mirror will expose your ass!

    I got caught staring too hard at a dude on the squat rack the other day lol

    1. Yea, a mirror will always get you lol. Based on the angle and the people in the mirror, the one in the black hat took the pic. Bro was hella close.

      Jay you can’t be staring hard at a man while he does squats now. If he catches you, he knows what you might be staring at lol.

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