so you want to be a black (and gay) creative and make content, huh? (run?)

everyone thinks content creating is an easy job,
but honestly,
it isn’t.
from creating movies,
clothing lines,
making albums,
to whatever you do that is creative,
it takes a shit ton of emotional work to do.
folks think that i wake up every day and come on here and just write.
i always get asked questions like:

“How can I make a blog like yours?”

…and i’ve always struggled with the answer.
i can tell someone to start a blog or turn on the camera.
it’s easy to do that,
but there is more that comes with it on an emotional level.
i was thinking about it for the last few days and came up with a few thoughts

i can look at something/someone,
or think about something/someone,
and come up with a blog in about 15-20 minutes.
that is writing the whole thing in a draft and doing edits.
there are days i come on here where i am drained,
dealing with life,
but i still pour into the foxhole.
i try to answer all of my dms and update my socials.
it sounds easy enough,
but when you’re having an off day(s),
it can get overwhelming.
this is why i try to take a day or two off.

It was worst when I was working a 9-5,
filled with anxiety from the day,
but shook it off and gave The Foxhole content.

i’ve learned when to take a break and be in my own bubble.

you’ll create content and some folks will be really nasty.
folks will legit unload on you for your opinion or simply being you.
i’m lucky enough that i get some negative comments,
but a majority of folks fuck with me heavy.
i’ll get a comment or three like:


…and then ill get an email from someone who felt extremely touched by my content.
i’ve had someone tell me they nearly killed themselves but my transparency helped them.
there have been homophobic straight males and others who personally told me thank you.
i can name on one 1 hand the number of gay males who have shown me the love for an entry.
i’ve been blessed to have a few celebs and baller wolves that have shown love.
i got to even go on a date with one and that was huge.

i kept my blog pretty quiet around people i know in the real forests.
the ones i revealed that i had this platform to were all shocked and excited to read,
but to my shock,
they ended up shunning me right after.
a majority of them were creatives or didn’t want to accept me after they came on here.
some black creatives can get jealous and envious really quickly.

Being a black creative is not an easy path.
Being a black and gay creative can be hell.

you watch your white counterparts and the struggle to even be accepted by your own.
once you get put on tho:

…they will suck your brain cells outta your dick,
literally and figuratively.

my advice to those who want to create:

– be transparent with your work.
people might not agree with your work,
but the more you show YOU,
the better off it is.


– it takes a lot of hard work and focus,
but also learn to take a break.
either you gonna be chasing relationships or chasing a career.

– you can be the hardest worker,
pumping out content every day,
but it’s all about luck and being put on/co-signed by someone with pull.
folks will tell you they worked hard to get where they are,
but they sucked the right dick and got lucky.

– stepping on people and throwing them under the bus to be successful is a toss-up.
some folks have done it and became powerful,
while others have literally gotten extreme karma.
it’s all a toss-up.

– playing the game is worthless around most black creatives because they’re in the same ship as you.
playing the game is kissing ass.
be sure the ass you are kissing for a come-up isn’t full of shit.

– everyone has something different to offer with their content.
you don’t have to be like everyone else.
that is the death of quality content.
don’t try to spread yourself so thin being everything to everyone.
that is the death of quality content too.

– if you don’t have thick fur,
they will destroy you.
you don’t have to respond to every negative comment.
you’re enough.
focus on those who show you love.
they matter.

– some black jackals will try to cancel you,
but then will complain there is no one.
it’s like the supervillain who wants to destroy the earth.
where are you gonna go sir/ma’am/them/they?

– some black creatives love taking off their clothes when they don’t aren’t getting attention.
now they’re just interested in fucking you and that’s it.
you should only start taking off your clothes IF it’s beneficial or coincides with your career goals.

– you will pour your all into creating something and it won’t hit.
it may not get comments,
no one will buy it,
or folks won’t watch/listen to it.
be sad,
get angry,
and try something else.
this is all a game of luck.

– some people are just not stars and that’s okay.

– why do you make content?
why should we care?
why should a little black girl in iowa want to be you?
why should a little black gay boy in north carolina want to support you?
why do the wolves want to stick their dick in you?
why should the vixens be jealous of you?
why would oprah want to interview you?
why should people spend money on you?
why should people spend 10 minutes to an hour watching your creation?

…and there is more i can think of.
i’m VERY blessed and grateful for my community.
some of the foxhole has been with me from the start and i love you all tremendously.
even the ones who don’t like me are a blessing too.
it is what it is.
i hope this helped someone.

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Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “so you want to be a black (and gay) creative and make content, huh? (run?)”

  1. Man you preaching it is so hard to come with content 24/7 just to get 1 like or 1 comment when you spent almost 5 hours trying to make sure there are no errors or “legal issues”.

    1. ^omg YES.

      i’ve written some stuff that was really sat heavy on my spirit but it got 1 or no comments.
      it is what it is

  2. I think you do a great job of creating a balance of content. From thirst traps, to mental/emotional health (esp speaking from 1st person), to gossip to random personal experiences. I don’t fuk w many gay blogs, at all, but I fuk w yours.

    I’ve beem trying to work on my platform because I do think I serve an often under-served and overlooked lane of gay men, and I get caught up in my head over thinking in an attempt not to fail. Meanwhile, you can’t fail a test if you don’t show up to take it, right?!

    1. ^thank you jason 🙏🏾

      i think many people feel that way with their platforms or career choices.
      the fear of failure often stops us from going further.
      i’ve been there.

      i’m gonna do some panels coming up.
      it would be dope for you to come on and speak on a topic i want to panel about.


  3. Why don’t you ever do anything on gay rejection? I mean the type where people take on suicidal tendencies because their rejection load is is great.

    Could be trannies, fat guys, older guys, poor/broke guys, etc. Gay people treat you like you’re not necessary a real person if you fall into one of those categories.

    I, for example, have had gay people refuse my cashiers check at the phone company. Gays have looked at where I’m going or at to make sure they avoid. I don’t know any of these people, and in many situations never saw before or since.

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