So Ya’ll Done Sniffed Out The Deets on Rihanna’s New Bae

so he has a name.
that’s right.
rihanna‘s new bae has a name and also a job.
a very big one actually.
according to the f-bi from every forest…

his name is hassan jameel.
he is saudi business man,
who is deputy president and vice chairman of the family business, “Abdul Latif Jameel”.
it is one of the biggest companies in the world.
it’s a saudi toyota dealership.
his family is worth 1.5 billion dollars.
i mean…

he is beyond a baller wolf.
he is like…
a supernova baller wolf.

i ship.
i saw something where it said

“If Rihanna was a male and he was dating a “Kardashian”,
he would get a ton of hate.”

well in my opinion,
most black vixens can date out their races,
but will still go back to a black wolf showed interest.
they can still be very loyal.
a majority of black wolves will date out their races and…
that’s it.
black wolves have a tendency to suffer from self hate.
we start to flex when some racially ambiguous hoe shows ass.
let’s just keep it all the way real:


that can def be argued too.
so don’t worry about rihanna or serena williams.
they going in the direction of who wants them.

lowkey: i didn’t get the double standards before,
but now i do.
most black males aren’t loyal.
is that wrong to font that out loud????

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “So Ya’ll Done Sniffed Out The Deets on Rihanna’s New Bae”

  1. I am delighted for her. He has a family business–so he won’t have to pretend to be her “manager”–and he’s good looking. She won’t even need to hire a surrogate! Well done.

  2. I’m glad she is dating and having fun. Hypothetical if she gets serious with him will she have to change who she is as a artist like Janet did? Will she not be as naked or sexual in songs?

  3. 95%? That’s going overboard. The majority of relationships are still very much intraracial, meaning black man/black woman or black man/black man or black woman/black woman.

    I think the media, particularly social media, has us thinking that we as black people aren’t wanted by famous black people, but that’s not the case. The world hasn’t been tipped on its axis just yet when it comes to black love. Don’t let social media hype y’all.

    1. Right LOL. People on the internet act like the black race hate each other. If that was the case then HOW is the black population still growing? It’s not unusual for me to see a black couple on the street. Not everybody is in or cares to be in an interracial relationship. 95% is the biggest stretch ever… that is waaay off and not even close. All the black men that I know of close to me in my family date black women. Including my brothers.

  4. I’ve noticed the hypocrisy. Whenever a black woman dates a non-black man (typically one who is rich or goodlooking) there seems to be this consensus that she has “won” at life and I see black women constantly celebrating as if it is a “win” for all of them. Just look at Eve as an example. She is toted as “goals” whenever I see her posted on a black woman based domain.

    However whenever a black man dates interracially (no matter what the circumstances are), he is automatically labelled as a self-hater, a c**n, a black woman hater, removing black lineage etc. And it’s something that I’ve seen going on for a long time. It’s got to a point where I’m pretty much silent when I see interracial couples (on both sides) because the double standards are very apparent.

    Black men are no bigger self-haters than black women. Colonialism and imperialism has fucked up everyone. The only difference here is that men have the privilege of SEEKING their partners whereas it’s not socially acceptable for a woman to do the same. Believe me if women had the privilege of approaching men without having to fear social stigma then you would see a lot more black women with non-black men.

    And I’m not saying this to bash black women, I’m just over the hypocrisy. Just because a black man dates interracially it doesn’t mean that he’s not into women of his own race. Maybe he’s curious or just happens to like the person? Why do other races of men get that privilege to date interracially without being chastized like the way black men do? This is no different to people who police black women about their wigs & weaves but ignore all the non-black women who wear extensions and shit.

    Also to say that 95% of black men don’t check for black women is the biggest stretch ever.. then who are all these black women dating and having babies with? Are they all sharing that 5%? Are all these black people in the hood or black majority areas segregated? Interracial relationships will always be very apparent in highly mixed/metropolitan areas/cities, people date people. Nothing new. However people in the public eye don’t represent reality. They live in warped social bubbles, we live in the real world.

    But I digress..

  5. I don’t think its so much the mixed race thing that’s gong to cause problems, as the mixed religion thing. A Saudi – well in his country women aren’t allowed to drive, be out on their own without a male and a few other things. So I can’t see him taking her home to meet the folks. Certainly with her body of work available for all to see. I hope she’s enjoying all the benefits that Ms Campbell enjoyed before it ended. I’m sure this businessman packs a mean punch, because lets face it, she doesn’t really need the money.


    BEWARE of the negative FALSE narratives about black men. It’s these negative FALSE narratives (“he’s a threat”) that are being used to justify our extermination by police.

    Because the FALSE narratives are so prevalent and insidious, for some African Americans it becomes PSYCHOLOGICALLY easier to accept and perpetuate them (rather than accept the devastating truth of simply being hated for who and what you are), but they remain FALSE.

  7. For some reason, people never really seem to allow this woman to live. Everyone knows Rihanna is a free spirit, so it should not be surprising that she is dating someone out of her race. Now if she were to get pregnant by this man, the backlash would be tremendous.

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