So Jussie Smollett’s Boyfriend Gets Uncovered?

everyone knows i love me some jussie smollett.
he always gets tremendous amounts of love in my foxhole.
well a f-bi may have uncovered jussie’s rumored boyfriend.
everyone’s nosy asses was hungry for this.
this is what was sent to me in a foxmail today…

Just found out that Jussie Smollett’s boyfriend is Tawan Davis.

He is an impressive person but more importantly a great guy.

Had to make this my first post here after reading some posts about how it seems there are hardly ever any successful or famous black gay men dating other black men.

If you ever wondered about Jussie’s charisma or game… not to mention standards, well, read on. By the way he’s never dated any of his coworkers or cast mates on Empire or his employers including Lee Daniels. In the past he’s only ever dated black men in his age range and his preference seems to be dark skinned black men.

Jussie is 35 and Tawan is 38 years old. Both guys are also incredibly philanthropic in the African American community.

Tawan grew up in the inner city of Portland with a single mother but worked extremely hard. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Georgetown University, a Master’s degree in Sociology and Economics from Oxford University, England, and an MBA in Finance and Real Estate from Harvard Business School. He was the first African American elected as student body president at his high school and was also president of student government at Georgetown. The Steinbridge Group of NYC appointed him as their first ever Chief Executive Officer.

Jussie is a board member of the RuJohn Foundation. He also serves on the Board of Directors at The Black AIDS Institute and when he heard about their recent budget shortfall Jussie immediately stepped up and donated $20,000. Tawan serves on the Board of Directors of the Friends of Harlem Hospital and the New Horizons Children’s Advocacy Corporation.

All this to say they are a prime example of Black Excellence and show that even at the height of success you can find your potential soulmate and not have to date some young white model.

Jussie and Tawan were both at the Gentlemen’s Ball in Atlanta this past Saturday. Jussie was there to honor his good friend Tarell Alvin McCraney who won the Oscar for writing ‘Moonlight’ with the Gentleman of the Year award. Jussie and Tarell donated $5000 each to the Gentlemen’s Foundation which gives out scholarships to black LGBTQ youth in Atlanta.

They have both been very protective of their relationship it seems but enjoy hanging out with their friends and family together. By the way they are both Cancers so that may be why they go so well together.

here is more tawan:

well if the following is true:

congrats jussie!
that’s a nice piece!
both good looking and allegedly match in background as well.
i love it.
now we can all stop complaining about the racoons….





















we won’t stop doing that,
but this is good.
gooooooooo jussie!

article cc: toomuchhottea

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “So Jussie Smollett’s Boyfriend Gets Uncovered?”

  1. Not bad Jussie! Not bad! Anyway, Jamari how are you? I’m doing good. Just staying away from social media and TOXIC sjws like B.C. and L.P. Jamari you’ll figure out those initials that I’m talking about. LOL

  2. I believe this.I remember seeing one of Jussie’s exes and he was a dark skinned dancer.Also I know how involved he is with Black AIDS Institute,Phill Wilson is his mentor.Jussie lives in LA and films Empire in Chicago but he comes to NY a lot.I follow his barber/friend/promotor John Cotton and Jussie is often on his InstaStory.I think he was in NY last week before he went to ATL for the Gentlemen’s Ball.
    I am happy for Jussie although I know he wanted to keep his love life private so hopefully the blogs don’t see this.Since Inside Jamari is becoming more famous and now other sites are lurking and stealing tea☕😂

  3. This post only contains one black person, Jussie is not black, his mother is African American, Native American, Louisiana Creole, Irish, and his father is (White) Ashkenazi Jewish with family from Russia and Poland. Could ya’ll please stop upholding these barbaric one drop rule. In order to be black, both parents have to be black, what I see is a black and biracial person in a relationship.

    1. I am curious how do you know Tawan is black,he could be biracial as well? Or did you do genealogical search on him,since you KNOW he is black.We all know Jussie is biracial just like we know President Obama,J.Cole,Halle Berry,etc are biracial.They identify as Black,that’s their prerogative.If you are biracial and want to identify as biracial and not black,that’s fine.

      1. Tawan (possibly black if information surfaces on his father and mother race), also if “WE” knew Jussie was biracial then why does the article state, “famous black gay men dating other black men?” The problem with people like you is that you are a liability to the black community and not an asset. With the continuous brain washing of the black community for centuries and running rampant now, I take it seriously when someone just throws the black label to anyone. Our community has been through too much and continues to have to overcome obstacles when it has been proving that mixed races are preferred over “blacks.” I see you love holding up the one drop rule and have a great Friday.

    2. Rondo, you are absolutely correct about Mr. Jussie Smolette.

      What it means to be black
      To accept the racist “one drop” theory is racist and accepts a central tenet white supremacy, which is blackness as a taint. “Black” is not a philosophy, a club or a way of life. “Black” is a race. “African American” is an ethnic group within the black race as is Haitian, Nigerian or Kenyan. Just as Irish or Irish American is an ethnic group within the white race as is Italian, French or German.

      Nor is being black defined by skin color. The black race has the highest rate of albinos of any race. And yes, such albinos are fully black. On the other hand, this so called “one-drop” theory that says that if you are part black, then you are black is a bunch of bull. First, it was invented by the racist white slave-owner for the benefit of the racist white slave owner and not the slave. And I will not have my views dictated by dead racist white slave-owners. Second, it’s racist. It’s based on the theory that black blood is a taint so much so that it taints and spoils all the other blood that is there. And that as a taint, all must be thrown in the garbage that is the black. We’re not going to co-sign on a racist theory that sees us and our ancestors as the functional equivalent of garbage. (We are not garbage and neither are our ancestors!) If you co-sign on the racist one-drop theory, then you are co-signing on racism. Third, it has no basis in reality. It says foolishly “To get more oil, just add water.” (With the black heritage being the “oil” and the anything else being the “water”) That’s foolish. At some point, if you add water to oil, it becomes watery oil and later it becomes oily water. And if you add enough water to the oil, it becomes virtually indistinguishable from plain water and will be fit to drink. At some point if you add water to oil, it becomes unable to lubricate and stops functioning as oil.

      Therefore, Pan-Africanist American-African writer, historian and professor John Henrik Clark wisely said “You cannot make a good African between the legs of a European woman.” Dr. Claud Anderson came to the same conclusion saying, “If I pour water into gasoline I didn’t make it any stronger, I made it weaker.” You cannot make more “oil” by simply adding “water”. To think that you can is foolish—and racist.

      (Racism is the belief that one race is inferior or superior to another race. The “one-drop” theory with blacks as a taint, as garbage clearly fits into that racist scheme.)

      Now, there are people who are sufficiently diluted of their black DNA that they are not black. No race of people is “pure” so having some other-than-black ancestry does not make you not black. Just like having some other-than-white ancestry does not make you not white. Certainly if your non-black DNA is equal to or equivalent to your black DNA, then you are not black. Furthermore, one’s race or ethnicity is not like a club. You either are or are not “born that way”. You can’t join it like a club. They are people—just not black people. They are humans—just not black humans. Such people include former President Obama, Mariah Carey, David McIntosh, Boris Kodjoe, Shemar Moore, Halle Berry, Tiger Woods, Benjamin Jealous (former head of the NAACP who is 90% white by DNA), Melisa Harris-Perry, Jesse Williams, etc. (Halle Berry foolishly said that since she was black, her daughter is also black. Well, the fact is that Halle Berry is half-black so is biracial and that her daughter is born of a white man so is ¾ white! Such foolishness!) (And Tiger Woods is ¼ black and ½ Chinese! Yet some want to call him black! Correction: He’s mixed race!) Such people are mixed, mulatto or biracial. We oppose racism in all its forms and permutations (including the racist canard called the “one-drop” theory) and we ask you to oppose racism in all its forms and permutations too. When you know better, you do better.

      The one-drop theory is part of the white supremacy trifecta, which has been largely successful in crippling the black mind: 1. White/European Jesus (AKA White Jesus), 2. White/European standards of beauty and 3. White/European fostered and foisted/imposed “one-drop” theory

      1. Dr. John Henrik Clarke was actually quoting former Libyan Dictator Ghadaffi when he said that statement. Just to clear that up.

        I look at blackness from a genetic perspective. When we reproduce with someone that is not black, you still get us. Our genes are dominant and usuall the black qualities surface in the child and are more prevalant than thier other parents traits. i.e. hair, nose, skin color. It’s ironic that we don’t view those of mixed races as black when society will see them that way and treat them as such. Another topic for another post.

        I’m so glad he found somebody black. I was praying it was a brother. But I didn’t know Jussie was so old as 35! I need his lifestyle regimen asap!

      2. Dean,

        Its great that you are knowledgeable in the subject and I hope that our people do not go the way of the Indians.

    3. Jussie has self identified as a black man on more than one occasion and in more than one interview.

      Y’all can quiet down now.

    4. Are you guys serious with this? Seriously? I have a feeling if Jamari went out of his way to find two men from the fcking motherland, you all would still have something to complain about.

      1. Dignified,

        Are you serious? We should not take the viewpoint of our oppressors and it is just being highlighted that he is not black, which is accurate.

        Also, to the other poster it has been proven that many biracial are preferred over black, hell even Zendaya highlighted how she was taking advantage of it.

        “I feel a responsibility to be a voice for the beautiful shades my people come in. Unfortunately, I have a bit of a privilege compared to my darker sisters and brothers… Like people question, Would you listen to Zendaya if she wasn’t the same skin color? And that’s an honest question. Can I honestly say that I’ve had to face the same racism and struggles as a woman with darker skin? No, I cannot. I have not walked in her shoes and that is unfair of me to say. But I’m completely behind that woman. I want to be a part of the movement and growth. And if I get put in a position because of the color of my skin where people will listen to me, then I should use that privilege the right way.”

  4. For some reason, his boyfriend is not what I envisioned. I imagined him to be with a man who looks rough around the edges. Regardless, the man is very nice looking.

  5. Great looking couple! They both seem like good catches, especially Mr. Oxford and Harvard, I see you! Seems like a very intelligent and hard working man. It would be great to see more black men like him, we need more of that in this world. I’m here for all of it!

  6. So, with all of the above said… It Is still Good SEEING TWO BLACK GAY MEN finding and cultivating and sharing Love, Success, Help, and Hope for each other, their loved ones, families, and communities. Let us also be THANKFUL that these two, and many, many others, have not been subjugated (yet?) to a Mischling Test to prove themselves worthy enough to give a damn enough to be ALLOWED to do some of the much needed Work and give some much needed Help where it has been so desperatrely needed for so long as TWO BLACK GAY MEN.
    Iboru, Oboiye, Ibosishe, Ashe! Blessings asked for..Blessings received.

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