so i watched the trailer for the final season of “insecure” and…

i remember it like it was yesterday.
i was home alone,
on 2016 thanksgiving
had a chicken in the oven,
and decided to binge “insecure” on hbo.
of course,
i was late after all the social media chatter about it.


i became a hardcore stan by the end of that final scene in season 1.
you know what scene i’m talmbout.
every time i’m dealing with life shit,
issa rae knows exactly how i’m feeling.
sometimes i think i am like the character “issa”.
unlike my other friends,
it has taken me a minute to get my shit together with my insecurities,
and the fuckbois i tend to fall for.
issa finally dropped the trailer for the final season of “insecure” and…

…i’m pretty excited to see what goes down.
who dis:


it looks like kofi siriboe.
let’s hope for an epic sex scene.
you know issa loves her sex scenes and she gives them to us good.

i wasn’t too much of a fan of last season of “insecure”.
i felt it was a bunch of filler episodes.
issa and molly beefing wasn’t really groundbreaking as it has happened before.
lawrence and his “whoops! oopsie baby!” were speculated before the reveal.

I’d like her to drop Lawrence and Nathan.

as much as i stan a good lawrence sex scene,
he is mentally dusty.
 nathan ghosted her because his excuse was being bipolar?
when you start to learn your worth,
you soon realize that these males weren’t prizes.
i think daniel was the one she should be with.

i think issa fucked that up tho.

i hope this final season gives us what we need.
we grew along with these characters for 5 years.
they helped show us our mistakes with life and this complicated ass dating shit.

i’m really gonna miss the show,
all the conversation it provided,
and the epic soundtracks every season.
it’s one of those rare types of shows that feel like reality.
the final season,
premieres 10/24 on hbo and hbo max.

lowkey: look at lela rochon and keke palmer…

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “so i watched the trailer for the final season of “insecure” and…”

  1. I loved her ever since awkward Black girl. I felt like someone understood me. Insecure just inspires me to create and I feel in love with the entire cast. The Men were eyecandy but DANIEL (ironically my middle name) was FIONNEEE

  2. I agree. Daniel was her twin flame. And I watched all of ABG too! I recognize the Bouch guy as the one who whispered. Her career path is so iconic.

  3. Yes! This is my favorite show. At first I wasnt a fan but it grew on me. Oh them Men of Insecure are foine! I used to have wet dreams of Dro and Lawrence, them tall drinks of water, tag teaming me and all kinds of menage a trois. In a perfect world, Id be sampling every flavor of man from that show like Im at Cold Stone Creamery, shoot, Dro, Lawrence, even Chad, can be Cold Stone Creamin’ Me any time!

  4. THAT’S Lela Rochon! Waiting to Exhale, Robin, Lela Rochon! Boomerang stank crusty feet Lela Rochon! Wayans Bros, Lela Rochon! That man really did a number on her!

  5. Jamari you should watch, if you already haven’t, The Boys on slay Tv. It’s like insecure but for the gay black man. LAFN is awesome AF too.

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