So I Didn’t Watch The 2017 MTV VMAS But…

every year,
the mtv vmas awards get worse and worse.
back in the day,
it use to be an event.
i take it as some of our current artists just aren’t as creative.
so i skipped the 2017 vmas.
i don’t have cable so…
i did catch all the highlights on youtube today tho.
the only things i liked were…

i nearly cried at work over this.
those who suffer from depression,
or any mental illness,
understand the words of that song.
1-800-273-8255″ is the suicide prevention hotline.
kudos to logic,
alessia cara,
and khalid for all of that.
the next:

ya’ll know i love p!nk.
her speech was so beautiful and real af.
ya’ll peep she had “fuck trump” on her outfit?
the next:

now they was completely shady for this:

when i say i laughed so loud at work.
are we sure normani isn’t ready for her solo moment?

what powerhouse vocals does she really need?
she would be an entertainer.
the vixen damn near got the crowd hype with that split.
i guess she is growing stronger with this group.
i’m always #teamnormani so i might be biased.
i could see her playing tasha sister on “power” too.
she reminds me of naturi naughton in the facial.
and lastly:

kung fu kenny!
nothing more needs to be said.
his glo up is making him sexy af now.
he is definitely went from “cub” to grown ass “wolf”.
katy perry was awful too.
she needs to go back to that black hair,
put cupcakes on her tits,
and forget this “witness” era ever happened.
i feel like we are witnessing a nervous breakdown.
other than that,
everything else was a snoozefest.
i’m glad i don’t have cable anymore.
most of these award shows aren’t worth the bill.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “So I Didn’t Watch The 2017 MTV VMAS But…”

  1. Fifth Harmony has the stage presence but they need to work on those live vocals.

    That’s something I always appreciated about Destiny’s Child.

  2. If you haven’t seen it already I highly recommend you see the official video to Logics 1-800- 273- 8255 ft alessia cara and Khalid. its very powerful

  3. If you didnt watched the VMAs DONT worry you really didnt missed anything. It was so boring! Katy Perry sucked.

  4. Normani needs to leave 5th Harmony behind shortly. I can’t believe anyone can take them seriously. Did the girls HAVE any live vocals? June’s Diary needs a “Normani”, then they might actually take off. Been into Logic for a minute. Don’t like Pink’s music past the first album but she always has something noteworthy to say when she speaks…

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