siah is the teenage tik tok, now onlyfans, dream?

i threw one of siah’s pics up on my ig story and the foxhole collectively had an orgasm.
holy guacamole.

siah is the new “it” wolf at 18 years old.
ya’ll wanted more than tik tok and he listened.
his tik toks were corny af,
which i’d expect that from gen z,
but his onlyfans is sorta poppin’.
siah is blessed and he let us know why…

he wasn’t lying.



even tho i don’t do 18,
or 9.5 inches,
can i get a millennial or gen x version of this?
especially with these biceps:

…and doesn’t only deal with white males.

check out his onlyfans: here

peep his ig: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

26 thoughts on “siah is the teenage tik tok, now onlyfans, dream?

  1. Kinda sad how these 18-19 year olds are jumping on this prostitution wave. Already potentially fucking your future up without even thinking about the future repercussions.

  2. Yup, I can’t resist being a negative Nancy (or Nate? lol)…

    So, you 18-years-old and THIS is the first job you run to?!?! Look, I know times are hard with the economy in shambles–folks out here furloughed for jobs they ain’t getting back, folks can’t pay their rent and utilities, many Americans on the brink of starvation, college is astronomically expensive, etc. However this ain’t it, sis!

    I get why ppl resort to sex work, but you can’t tell me this is everybody’s ONLY option. Like go to trade school, get into IT or data science, learn how to code and about blockchain technology, AI, the IoT and prepare yourself for the Fourth Industrial Revolution that we are just beginning to experience.

    Hate to bring race into this, but I’m deadass sick and tired of black gays feeling all they have to offer the world is a big dick and/or a fat ass. Like, as black men we are oversexualized as it is…

    But, this isn’t going to stop. So, the only thing I wish these young black gays would do is play the OnlyFans game wisely and not in a way that is going to ruin any future employment prospects. Hide your face, cover your tattoos, and don’t use your following to reel in the cash. Keep the shit separate ’cause the same followers are the same ones that are going to jack your shit and either sell it on twitter or post it for free on the internet.

    Okay, rant over…

    1. ^i feel you and i’m not gonna hold you,
      but i think social media plays a part in this too.
      he was sexualized for his looks and bawdy.
      i’m sure his DMs were the spot to be.
      at times,
      i feel like these folks have to live up to their “hype”.
      it’s crazy how so many folks are running to sex work these days.
      it’s an easy come up,
      but it’s a disaster for the long game.

      he might be lucky and make a career out of it.

      1. “but i think social media plays a part in this too.”

        True, I think social media does play a role. It is certainly normalizing sex work-something I don’t think is bad at all. However, I do think successful sex workers are hyping the pros while downplaying the cons. It doesn’t help that celebrities are creating OnlyFans and artists are mentioning the site in their songs.

        “he was sexualized for his looks and bawdy.
        i’m sure his DMs were the spot to be.
        at times,
        i feel like these folks have to live up to their “hype”.”

        Good point! I just hope he hasn’t let all the likes, retweets, thirst emojis, and DMs go to his head ’cause this stuff has an expiration date…and one that approaches with the swiftness.

        “he might be lucky and make a career out of it.

        Lol come on now, Jamari? You and I both know that young, attractive, fit, well-endowed black men like him are common and easily replaced. If he does go all in with sex work, we know who his primary clientele will be. Smh, get your reparations, king….

        1. the temptation of easy fast money is too great for some. he probably figures why go to school or get a job, when I can make more money talking my clothes off.

    2. These people are out here putting these images and comments on their social media pages.
      That shyt WILL come back to bite them in the ass, especially if they are looking for a legitimate career.
      Companies are looking at social media, and people are losing their jobs and/or job offers because of it.
      Fame is fleeting. Insta-fame/Twitter-fame/OF & J4F fame is even quicker.
      These people are really not thinking about the future.

    3. Preach, especially at learn It skills. I’m extremely blessed that I am employed, but this is the best time to learn some sustainable skills and not resort to onlyfans or sex work. Nothing last forever, especially looks and theres always someone younger, more blessed to replace you.The government will catch on to your tax write offs. You buying a condo at 21 and BMW at 22, but you claiming 20k a year.

  3. Well there was a teacher who has to resort to having onlyfans on the side since the job isn’t paying well to upkeep the stuff teachers have to buy the stuff on their own, and she got fired for it. Times are tough for everyone. I hope this young man can find work post onlyfans but it’s gonna be a challenge for him.

  4. In my humblest opinion,…We….( The Jamari Foxhole Reader) tend to be more educated,articulate, and socially conscious with morals. Evan in our youth / younger days ,I would bet most of us were a” cut above” the average ,Straight /Gay / However you Identify.

    Unfortunately dear brothers we are not the majority . “Only Fans” probably won’t hurt their careers as much as you might think!

    Just look at their role models:

    *Kim Kardashian
    *Ray J
    *Paris Hilton
    *Insert “Sex Tapt = Fame” name here

    I could be wrong. I tend to think differently( smile)

    1. the people mentioned are expections. most of these only fans people won’t become famous.
      Ps Paris ans Ray j already had fame prior to their sex tapes.

  5. Yall are some prudes. When did gay me become so judgmental. meanwhile theres a whole sex positive and advocacy for sex workers happening in the world and we worrying about what this person decides to do with his OWN BODY. Y’all want to be judgmental – – look at your own body count and your own messy lives.

  6. Why are people drooling over someone who just turned 18? He may have the body of a man, but the mind of a child.

  7. This is sad…

    …however, I refuse to believe that this is y’all ONLY option. He let social media hype his head up and this is the result.

    You may have to Uber, or cut grass, but Onlyfans is lazy and will get old!! Fuck your excuses! You can learn a skill FREE on YouTube.

  8. I think onlyfans and social media is still so new in the grand scheme of things that we honestly don’t know what this means down the line. Morals aside I think people are being sort sighted here. In America today if you are living off your paycheck more than likely you are not thriving in America. There is a lot of money to be made on onlyfans if you even conservatively run some numbers. At the end of the day if you took $100,000 and invested it at 18 years old in 10 or 20 years you could possibly be a multimillionaire and still be young. The problem with onlyfans is that like stated earlier it’s a quick come up , quick money and we live in a consumer driven society where there first thing you are encouraged to do is spend money. I shake my head often times because its not in the acquisition that’s the biggest thing at the end of the day but the maintenance, how you hold on to what you have. I think at 18 you are uniquely positioned to make your money quick invested in the stock market and potentially live off the interest, and then at the end of the day chalk up the process to being young and naive by the time you hit 30. The biggest question is can you have a successful onlyfans that satisfies the masses without being raunchy, I think you can.

  9. I say go for it. He’s joining onlyfans, collecting money to just show images and videos. He doesn’t have to sleep with anyone. He’s young he has time to test the waters so to speak and discover what’s best for him. However I can’t throw shade at him when I watch Black gay porn. Those are sex workers and some of then were underage which resulted in some closing down

    1. his subscribers will eventually want more and more. a dick pic is cute now, but it wont be enough in a month or two. porn is a game of constantly finding new ways to erouse the audience.

  10. I need to insert the Tyra Gif in here somewhere of her saying “We were rooting for you” LoL. I remember when he was first featured many of us were saying stay in school and dont go the Onlyfan route but as most young people he didnt listen LMAO. Oh well its a tough economy and I guess he said he might as well drop his draws and get paid. I am thinking in 10-15 years morals and character are going to be so far out the window that Onlyfans is going to seem tame when we look back on it. You have an immoral depraved degenerate living in the Whitehouse with no moral compass who seems to be thriving so it is no wonder so many people are saying “F” tradition. All the people who will be running the country in the future will have nudes on the internet as well so it probably is not going to even matter to employers. This generation gives no fucks about what you think about them. I have seen them literally curse management out and walk out of jobs without a second thought. Cant say I am surprised by this dude, he probably has a large snow bunny fan base that will pay him well until the next one comes along.

  11. As nice as all this is and as conventionally attractive as he is I still can’t get over the fact that he is 18-19. Like I feel weird considering thirsting after him with age in mind.

    I also agree with a lot of the above posters that mention how sad it is that sex working is where he goes straight towards instead of finding something else to do like he had so much hype surrounding how attractive he is yet couldn’t find something as a launching pad first then this becomes an option when nothing else works out.

  12. So many points, so little time lol

    First, it appears that he was a chubby child and likely teased when younger, so this is a lot of repressed feelings from that – yes, vanity, but also drinking in the attention of people’s admiration.

    I do admire him for being upfront about his sexuality, because with his body, he could’ve easily hidden it. I hope he’s not a White Walker (solely), cuz it won’t end well for him.

    Sex work is still stigmatized, and he’s a Black man, so he won’t be treated like Kim K, Paris Hilton, or some of the others that capitalized off of it. I truly pray he has good people in his corner to help him manage his money, career, plans, etc. There is no real jump from OF to legit Hollywood. I mean, reality TV is something, and living his life on TIkTok can help with that, but still. And with all his tattoos, he’s gonna be noticeable.

    Ultimately, the quick money and attention drew him, but he’s still a child. He needs some good people to help him. I wish him all the best.

  13. If he was my cousin I’d be floored. He’s a helluva 18.

    I always ask about the parents in situations like this.
    I think it’s their responsibility to raise awareness to these kids about the dangers of the internet. Especially in times where identity theft is so common and nakedness goes viral.

    I don’t know how he was raised but this ain’t it for me

  14. Y’all do realize many sex workers start the work underage and many are in the 18-24 year range. 25 and up is getting old in that game

  15. Men can recover from this better than men. So I’m not too worried that his OnlyFans will damage his future. The problem is the fast living, drugs etc.

  16. Sad I knew this guy he went to the local university worked at IHOP and seemed like a good guy even on Grindr we were suppose to meet once nothing sexual he was a respectful dude. He would have been very successful because of his good looks when he graduated without resulting to Only fan porn hell he might could have been a model. So he packed up and moved away from this small town to LA in hopes of making it even bigger maybe you will….I don’t see a Hollywood career coming from this his limits of what he would do for a little cash was pushed all the way early. Maybe a porn career will come from it and you know they are all washed up in the end. Dish if you read this please be smart Do a money grab.

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