she hates your gay ass because you’re hanging out with her straight man

…and folk wonder why there is so much homophobia in the world.
everyone is obsessed with who is “gay” or “bi” out here.
i’m only interested if he’s cute and i can shoot my shot.
i be like madonna out here when a new wolf pops up on the scene.

ever so often tho you’ll meet a really cool ass straight wolf.
legit 110% straight.
as much as you think he is cute/fine/sexy/”halp”,
he is straight af.
within his straightness,
he has no issues being cool with whoever.
his girlfriend tho…

like that tweet,
many vixens can be the worst when it comes to gay males.
they’ll be cool with you,
want to gossip,
or think you’re “one of the girls“,
but the moment you start hanging tough with her wolf or someone she likes…

ring the fuckin’ alarm.
next thing you know,
she has distanced herself from you and giving you an attitude.
she’s telling her vixen pack all about it and they’re all in her head.

“they are both fuckin sis!”

“what straight male hangs with gay men? NONE!”

“i knew yo man was bisexual!
my gaydar picked it up!”

You will automatically be “The Villain” by default

even tho it’s strictly platonic,
vixens are very protective over theirs.
you see how they act when other vixens come around.
even if they ain’t even dating or fuckin,
she is still plotting to take him down.
like most gays,
most vixens are painfully insecure.
males today are not easy and it’s always something.

Other horz
Other males
Mixed signals
Emotionally Unavailable
Games like this is an arcade

 when they find someone out of all the trash,
but he is hanging tough with a gay male,
it can cause friction.
most males can be homophobic so when he’s hanging with you,
he will be “not straight by default“.
there is no easy way to solve this.

She will make herself look stupid and ruin the relationship on both ends

if he doesn’t become a dumb ass like her,
she’ll keep her “bitter betties” and you’ll get him in the break up.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “she hates your gay ass because you’re hanging out with her straight man”

  1. I just went thru this last week. My best friends girlfriend can’t stand me because I’m gay. It makes her uncomfortable because he and I are so close. She recently told him to get rid of me as a friend or she’s leaving. After 10 years friendship he told me we couldn’t be friends anymore. Smh.

    1. ^how disgusting.

      watch karma happen and he comes crawling back to you.
      they always come crawling back when they realized they lost a good friend.

    2. Dirty hoe!!! It’s probably killing him inside. Give him a piece of your mind when he comes squirming back!!: Fuckin crawfish!

  2. Been there done that…brought the hypocrite out of her ass’. Ends up she thought I was trolling for him….turns out He was trolling for me…… was her older brother btw…smh…I didn’t do anything…no game required. What’s that about??

  3. i had a coo straight male friend or at least i thought i did. everything was going good until the females started questioning his sexuality and our friendship. he kept his distance from me and whenever we did speak, he had a full attitude and blamed me for all the gay rumors smh.

    i saw where it was going so i just let him be and kept it pushing.

  4. Ok don’t have any gay male friends. I’ve actually had better relationships with straight men. One of my coworkers and I are really fools he’s straight as hell. I’m not gonna lie, he is very nice looking but that’s my homie. I wouldn’t want to risk a guy that I enjoy hanging out with for some bullshit. Now we aren’t hanging out all the time but he is a good guy. I met his girlfriend and she is super cute. Another guy I work with were conducting business via Facebook. His girlfriend read the message and messaged me “is there something I should know” I simply responded not at all lol. She pulled a “hello Barbara this is Shirley.”

  5. Gay guys and straight guys can be real friends. But that straight guy has to be secure in himself because some people will consider him gay/guilty by association. And if he’s more so weak minded or have a fragile ego, he most likely will not be able to handle all the whispers and rumors.

    Now, back to the statement. Since they’re at Howard and there are no beaches in the vicinity, dude basically went out of town to “chill” at the beach on a late summer night. Could still be innocent, but knowing how a lot of younger dudes in the area be quick to let an older gay be that sugar daddy/big brother, my left eyebrow would be raised a lil bit. Lol.

    I’m more interested in knowing how the straight guy met the older gay guy.

    That older gay guy might be covering that high tuition at Howard. Lol.

    1. yeah my “friend” couldn’t handle all the talks and whispers. mind you i put him up on game ahead of time and he swore up and down he didn’t give a fuck what ppl thought. LIES! he blamed me for everything and actually told me that i needed to clear his name.

      when he told me that shit over the phone, i just said ok and killed whatever friendship we had.

  6. Idk…I need more context. What’s the background of this friendship? Where did they meet and how long have been friends? I can’t automatically write her off as homophobic because this might be just one of many things that made her suspicious.

    I think gay and straight men can be friends, but much like women and men that are friends there have to be BOUNDARIES. You must understand their romantic partner is always going to come first like I do with all my married and attached friends. Also helps if you are cool with their boyfriend or girlfriend too.

    These boundaries also keep gay men from blurring the line between platonic friendships and something else that never ends well. Y’all can’t be out here trying to be silent side chicks to these dudes with unrequited love because you basically give credibility to the belief gay and straight men cannot be friends. It’s easy to get lost in that intimacy friendships sometimes have and end up with egg on your face.

  7. This way more common than is acknowledged. A lot of men y’all be calling toxic and homophobic are only putting on a strong “I aint gay” show because of the WOMEN in their life, and how they treat them or act at any suspicion they might be cool with a gay man, let alone might be gay himself.

    A lot of women are fine with gay men they see as not really men, just one of their “girlfriends” but the minute you show any sign you live outside of their confined box for you, they will show their ass.

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